Brazil Butt Lift Workout Review: the full report

brazilian butt lift workout

Brazil Butt Lift Workout

Brazil Butt Lift:  does it work, what to expect, where to get the best deal, and everything else you may want to know about doing the Brazil Butt Lift workout

This article is packed with information about the Brazil Butt Lift workout.  It starts with a summary and then dives into all the details.  We’ll review the results, what to expect, where to get the Brazil Butt Lift, what comes when you order it, what the workouts are like.  Plus, we share the not-so-secret Secret to Success with the Brazil Butt Lift workout, and more.  If you have any additional questions, feel free to post them below.

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Summary:  Everything you need to know about the Brazil Butt Lift Workout

Leandro Carvalho leading a Brazil Butt Lift workout

Leandro Carvalho, Brazil Butt Lift workout trainer

You may have seen the Brazil Butt Lift infomercial or you’ve heard someone talking about it.  And now you are curious. But you don’t want to accidentally end up on some scary website.  I get it!   So here is everything you need to know about the Brazil Butt Lift workout.

It is a lot of information, so I’ll give you the answers to the most frequently asked questions first.

Does the Brazil Butt Lift work?

Answer:  Yes.  I’ll share my experience with the Brazil Butt Lift workout below.  For the short answer, I’ll tell you that it is really amazing to me that a workout could make such a difference.  The workout transforms your shape (higher, rounder, tighter), addresses saddle bags, and improves your athletic performance (jump higher, hold chair poses longer, and more)

Is it called the Brazilian Butt Lift workout or the Brazil Butt Lift workout?

Answer:  The actual title of the workout is called the Brazil Butt Lift workout.  And that’s what Leandro Carvalho, the trainer and creator of the workout calls it.    But there are a lot of people online who refer to it as the Brazilian Butt Lift workout, so you will notice that I use both terms in this post.  (And sometimes I even write BBL for short!)

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The details:  everything you need to know about the Brazil Butt Lift

For more information about what exactly the Brazil Butt Lift workout is, what comes when you order it, and how I know it works, read on.   Plus, if you are wondering how to get the best deal for the Brazilian Butt Lift workout, I have that info too!

This article should answer any and every question you have about this booty transforming workout.


Can the Brazilian Butt Lift workout really transform your butt?

Let’s start with the most fun thing about the Brazil Butt Lift, the results.  And then I’ll dive into all the details about the workout, why it works, what the workouts are like, and what comes when you order.

If you are wondering where you can order the Brazil Butt Lift DVDs, here’s the link for how to order the Brazil Butt Lift.

Brazil Butt Lift Results

Yes, the Brazil Butt Lift can really transform your butt.

And the cool thing about the Brazil Butt Lift results are that it isn’t just about the shape, it’s about athletic performance too.

Brazil Butt Lift workout works the booty from many angles

More shapely butt, plus enhance athletic performance

Before doing the Brazil Butt Lift workout, I was fit, but my butt was a bit on the flatter side (gosh, it’s a little strange to be talking about my shape like that, but it seems important to share these types of details so you know what to expect from the workout).

Since doing BBL, my booty is higher and rounder just like the commercial says.   (see below for a very G-rated picture of me in jeans).   The other really big change is how much higher I can jump, which really comes in handy when doing Shaun T’s Insanity workout.  And I can hold the yoga position “chair pose” much longer and with more ease too.

Whether your are already fit or you are a beginner, this workout has something for you— I’ll go into those details too as you keep reading.  Just wanted to make sure if you are new to working out, you do not feel intimidated.

Hip Flexors and Glutes

Before doing the Brazil Butt Lift workout, I did not realize that I was using other muscles, like my quads and hip flexors to compensate for my less developed booty muscles  (gluteal muscles).  This was one of my big ah-ha’s from doing the Brazil Butt Lift.  And I have since done research on the topic and found out, that is very typical.   Having done a few rounds of Brazil Butt Lift has made such a difference in my overall performance for all my workouts, including Insanity.

Unexpected Benefit #1:  Strengthening my Booty muscles has been great for my back 

Unexpected Benefit #2:  Improved performance for other workouts


And how do I look after doing the Brazil Butt Lift?

My typical focus is on how I feel.  And I would still like to emphasize that how we look should be more of the bonus benefit from treating our bodies well.  That being said, I am sure most of us will want to know if the workout does what the commercial says it does.

Here’s my before and after photos from doing the Brazil Butt Lift.  Not sure if it is obvious from the picture, but this workout really added some shape to my booty.

Brazil Butt Lift workout results

What is it like to do the Brazil Butt Lift workouts?

Is the Brazilian Butt Lift workout a workout for beginners or experienced athletes?

The Brazilian Butt Lift workout is a terrific workout in that it is very flexible to your fitness level.  It is both a solid beginner workout as well as a workout that will push an athlete.  In my opinion, that versatility makes this workout really special.

For the beginner, it may take you more than one round of doing the Brazil Butt Lift routine to achieve the full benefit of the workout, but the workout offers levels so you are able to follow along as you build up your fitness level.  In each workout routine, they have 1-2 people demonstrating how to do the moves at a beginner level.

For the athlete, the Brazil Butt Lift workout may either fall into the category of a really fun workout or a really humbling workout—or perhaps both.  But either way, it is effective.  The glueal muscle group is complex, and the Brazil Butt Lift workout will ensure that you are firing with your full power for all your other sports.

When you are in shape to-start,  you’ll be able to push yourself harder for each of the routines and get The sports science behind the Brazilian Butt Lift workouttremendous benefit.  But I will warn you, because the gluteal muscles are complex and Leandro works all the angles, you may find that even though you are in shape, some of the workouts may be tough at first.

From my own experience, I had just finished doing 60-days of Insanity when I started BBL, and I was expecting to rock it, but it rocked me!  The good news is that this workout gave me an opportunity to develop all the muscles in the gluteal muscle group, which has been awesome for overall performance in other sports too.

How coordinated do you need to be to do the Brazil Butt Lift workout?

Do you want the good news or the bad news here?  I’ll start with the bad so you are not wondering…    If you are used to workouts like Insanity, or P90X, cycling, triathlon training, or running, then you are likely more accustomed to straight forward movements, which means your first few days of doing the Brazil Butt Lift will take some adjustment.   The good news is, your body will make the adjustment and then in addition to strengthening your booty, you’ll add some new brain-muscle communication.   The challenge will be the first few workouts when you may feel completely frustrated, and if you are like me, working out is more fun when you are adept at the moves.  Hopefully you can take comfort in knowing that you are not alone, and if you keep at it, it will start to flow for you.

If you have a zumba or dance background, then you will probably find the moves to be quick to pick up.  Lucky for you!

If you want to read more about what the first week is like if you do not have a dancing background, you may want to check out my post:  Do you need to be a dancer to enjoy Brazil Butt Lift.  It goes into more details (including the moment I felt the need to talk to the tv screen, which is a little bit funny for me to read months later now that I have done a couple of rounds of this workout).

What is Day 1 of the Brazil Butt Lift workout like?

The answer is:  it depends.  Here’s why…

Your first day is different depending on what your booty type is.  Which brings up a question—what is a booty type and how do you know what yours is.   Let me dive into what comes with your Brazil Butt Lift workout (including a booty guide).  I’ll explain the booty type concept, and then we’ll circle back to the actual workouts.

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What comes with your Brazil Butt Lift Workout, and what is the Pencil Test

At first glance, it seemed like just a workout DVD and a few papers, but as I began reading through everything that came in the box, I realized that Beachbody once again proved to me that the products they sell are the best around.  Each “piece of paper” is full of great information to get started right and to be on a path for getting the most out of your workout.

what comes with your Brazilian Butt Lift workout

The box comes with:

  • The workouts  (cardio, resistance, abs, and more)
  • The Booty Makeover guide
    • The Booty Makeover guide explains why the Brazil Butt Lift workout is effective AND it discusses the different booty-types.  Once you’ve identified your Booty Type, you’ll follow a customized workout that meets your needs.
  • The pencil test
  • Booty Bands (resistance bands you’ll use during certain workout routines)
  • An RPE chart, workout calendar,  Fat Burning Foods booklet, 6-day slim down plan, Triangle training workout cards, Measurement tracking tools.

For more information about what comes in the box, you can check out the article:     Brazil Butt Lift: what comes when you order BBL. 

Secret for Success with your Brazil Butt Lift Workout

Reading this post means you are already off to an outstanding start- you are informed and prepared.    Now, let me share with you a not-so-secret Secret to Success.  It is knowing your WHY.

knowing your WHY will help you succeed with your Brazil Butt Lift workoutWhat is a “why”?  The WHY is that thing that will motivate you to push play, even when you don’t feel like it. Believe me, no matter how excited about the workout you are, you will have a challenging day here and there that you just don’t feel like doing it.  If you press play anyway, you’ll be psyched and quickly remember why you are doing it.  And when you get to the end and experience the results, you’ll be glad you pressed forward.  But if your de-motivation convinces you not to press play, you are in jeopardy of abandoning your original goal.

Everyone’s “why” is a little bit different.  Some of us workout because it is energizing and elevates mood, some of us do it because it helps the body keep insulin levels low, some specifically choose the Brazilian Butt Lift workout because we want to look great in our jeans, some because strengthening the booty also supports knees and lower back, and some for the athletic performance that comes from having strong gluteal muscles,  and many of us for a combination of those reasons and more.

We all have our reasons, the important thing is to know your WHY up front.  Take 1 minute right now and think about your reasons.  Now write them down somewhere that you can find your reasons when you need to lean on them to push through and reach your goals.

Did you figure out your why?  Did you write it down?  It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to remind you of your reasons.


Day-by-Day with the Brazil Butt Lift Workout

Getting Started with your Brazil Butt Lift

Before you even start the workout, there are a few things you’ll want to do to get started.

opening my Brazilian Butt Lift workout DVDs

here I am opening my box with my Brazil Butt Lift workout

As I learned from my experience doing Insanity with Antonios, and later Tony Horton’s 10-Minute Trainer with my Mom, it is helpful to read through the material that comes in the box before you begin the workout.

Beachbody adds a lot of helpful tools and advice in the packages that they send along with the workout DVD.

Other pre-day-one activities (and just so you know, some of my words of wisdom come from mistakes I have made… so hopefully I can save you some time by giving you a heads up)

  • Record your “before” stats (including your before picture).
    If you are like many of us, you are not going to want to do this step.  Either you won’t have time, or you’ll think you can remember without writing it down, or you don’t want any photographs of how you look right now.  Whatever your reason, do it anyway.  No one has to see the before information except you.  But it is a great tool to support you on your journey.  You think you will remember, but if you are like most, you will not.  The picture will really help you see the pay off of your effort.  (that being said, the rewards do not come over night.  They come from pushing play and following the schedule)
  • Plan your workout calendar
    Once you decide which day you are going to be starting your Brazil Butt Lift workout, map our your workout schedule on your calendar.  Look ahead so you can plan for any conflicts ahead of time.  If you plan for how the workout will flow into your lifestyle, and you plan around any big events, you will be preparing yourself for success.
  • Visualize your time
    Once you have it on your calendar, visualize it.  Believe it will happen.  Think about how you will feel once you have accomplished your goal.  Way to go!!
  • Have a support team
    Tell a friend or loved one.  Why?  Because if you tell someone, you add support, which increases your chance of success.  You also add accountability, which can sometimes be helpful motivation.
  • Know your “why”.
    We already talked about the WHY.  If you haven’t done it yet, be sure to figure out your WHY before you get started.  (That does not mean delay starting, it just means—figure out your why.)

Day 1 of the Brazil Butt Lift

You know right from day 1 that the Brazil Butt Lift workout is the real deal by the amount your butt muscles scream.  But, for me it was a good pain, that muscle pain that tells you your body is waking up and working out.

Be smart about it, if you have a pain that you are not sure about, consult your health care provider.  We are each the experts of our own bodies.  There is an important distinction between pushing yourself to perform at your best, and ignoring true pain signals.  For me, what usually works is to ask myself if it is muscle soreness or if it is something else.  We have to push our limits to see amazing results, but be smart about it!

What workout will you be doing on Day 1? 

The very first workout is the Booty Basics.  It is an intro workout where Leandro shares his signature moves and proper form for doing the workouts.

I totally appreciated that they walked us through the moves ahead of time.  If you are an amazing dancer, this intro workout may not be necessary, but for me it totally was.  Even with the intro day, it still took me a few rounds of each workout DVD until I found my groove with this workout.

How long did the Booty Basics take?  If you are faster at picking up the moves than I was, you will be able to do this in 20 minutes.  I had to pause, rewind, and repeat some of the moves along the way, so it took me about 25-30 minutes.   Be kind to yourself, if you rock it—feel awesome.  If you need to rewind a couple of times—feel really proud of yourself that you are smart enough to respect your body and what it needs.  Either way—you rock!  Just pressing play makes you awesome.  The rest is a matter of personal style.

How did I feel after doing Day 1 of Brazil Butt Lift?

I had some screaming muscles – which was a mixed bag of emotions for me.

On the one hand, it was totally awesome to realize I had identified a weak-point in my athletic performance.  It explained why the basketball squats in Insanity seemed more challenging than the rest of the moves.

But on the other hand, it was a tough message to receive.  I had been a competitive recreational athlete for most of my life.  It was really strange to realize that as strong as I am and as successful as my time competing had been, I could have been better.  It was also a bit humbling because I had not gone into the workout thinking that the Brazil Butt Lift was going to be a hard core home workout, so I was surprised that I could not do all the moves on day one.  (fortunately the workout is designed for all fitness levels, so I followed the level one beginner program until I was able to develop those muscles I needed to keep up.)   The gluteal muscle group is complex, and apparently there were some muscles that I had not developed as completely as they needed to be.

And it was also pretty funny at times!  There were some parts of my booty that Leandro expected me to move, and my muscles were not up for it on day one.  (the cool thing is, it’s months later now and I can do all the workouts, oh yeah!  A testament to why this workout program is so successful).

What workout will you be doing on Day 3? 

The answer is it depends.  The Brazil Butt Lift workout routine is actually not one routine.  There are four different routines, so which workout you do on day 3 will depend on your booty type, which you will figure out using the Booty Makeover Guide that comes when you order the Brazilian Butt Lift workout.

I did the BUM BUM workout.  And I must tell you, saying “Bum Bum” took some getting used to.  It felt a little bit inappropriate to be talking about Butts and Booty muscles.  But now that I have completed the workout, I realize there is nothing inappropriate about it.  The workout is amazing and I love sharing my experience with it.

For most people, developing lower body strength is amazing for your lower back and knees.  (Consult your healthcare practitioner for your individual circumstances).   And now that I have experienced the results, I am no longer uncomfortable talking about Booty Makeovers, or BUM BUM workouts.

The Bum Bum workout is an intense cardio and lower body sculpting workout with each move sequenced to achieve an optimal result.  And it really does deliver.

You can watch this video to hear me talking about my experience after doing the Bum Bum workout on day 3

How long does the Bum Bum workout take?  It is supposed to take 30 minutes, and eventually it does.  But on Day 2, it took me 40 minutes because I had to pause it a few times to rest, stretch, and drink water.

How did I feel after doing the Brazil Butt Lift Bum Bum workout?

It is a tough workout for a BBL first-timer.   I appreciated that they had two people demonstrating the beginner moves.   What else do I have to say about it?  It BURNS!  I was only 2 minutes into the workout when I had to push pause because my buns were on fire.  And everyone in the video was smiling and not sweating—even now that I have done more than one round of Brazil Butt Lift, I still can not understand why they are not sweating when they do the Bum Bum workout.

If you are a beginner to working out, don’t be afraid!  I am sharing the raw details of my experience so you know what to expect and so you know that the first week with the workout may be challenging, but I hope you take the plunge because the rewards DO come.  And it gets easier and more fun with each completed workout.    I have heard from so many of our clients—who range from beginners to working out to athletes, and people love this workout.  It really gets results.  It just takes time, practice, and patience.  (and that is where your WHY will come in handy!).

How might you feel at the end of program

The Brazil Butt Lift program combines cardio, resistance, and ab workouts to ensure an overall result that you will be pleased with.  It works because Leandro designed the workout and the sequences with consideration to all the complexities of the gluteal muscle group.

And having pressed forward through all the routines and following the workouts that were recommended in the Booty Makeover Guide, I can tell you that it works!  I can also tell you that there were some moments that I struggled a lot.   It was at those times that I relied on my WHY to press play, and I am sure glad I did!  The payoff was totally worth it.  When I am doing P90X2 now and we do the PAP lower workout, or even when we are holding chair pose, I can feel the added strength that I gained from doing Brazil Butt Lift.  Plus, even though health and wellness is my primary goal,  I do like having a rounder, higher butt!

What was the hardest part of Brazil Butt Lift workout for me?

It took me until the end to realize it, but the biggest challenge was watching the folks in the video do the workout without sweating.  It wasn’t until I started P90X2 and Tony Horton would say “Do your Best and Forget the Rest” that I realized that I am more motivated by seeing people that are sweating and out of breath like I am.  So, when you do the Brazil Butt Lift, and you are sweaty and working hard—know you are not alone!  I am not sure how they do the Brazil Butt Lift workout routines without sweating (expecially the Bum Bum workout), but all the power to them.

In the big picture, that challenge is easy to overcome!  The workout is outstanding and so are the results!

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Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.


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