Can you get fit working out for 10 minutes a day?

The answer is YES.  My Mom and I tested Tony Horton’s 10-minute trainer home workout DVD and were amazed with the results.

We started out in February by asking the question, can you get fit from working out for 10 minutes a day.  And 2 ½ months later, we have the answer.   In addition to the pounds and inches, the other success of trying the 10-minute trainer is that now working out for “just 10-minutes” has become a regular part of my Mom’s routine.  Here’s how she did it…

Identifying the WHY

The first ingredient to my Mom’s success was that she identified her “Why” .

What is a “why” and why is it important?   

A “why” is our own personal reason for doing the workout that we chose to commit to. (The “why” really applies to all aspects of our lives, but for now, I’ll stay focused on fitness)


As you continue to read, you’ll see we had a few challenges to overcome  (like competing priorities).   In order to make the shift, we first had to do some brief self reflection to be clear about our motivation.  In the case of my Mom, her “why” was me.  I am feeling full of gratitude that I have a mother who would be willing to test out a fitness routine in the name of “testing & telling” to support her daughter’s passion.  What an awesome Mom!  We all have our own unique reasons.

Having that why was an important ingredient of this experiment.


The two key challenges

To give you some background, my Mom is a spunky 65-year-old grandmother.  She recently retired from teaching, she’s a care-taker to her father and father-in-law, she volunteers in the community, and she and my Dad have an active social life.   My Mom is so much more than two sentences on a page, but I chose that limited description because I wanted to highlight for you some key areas that were working against her in terms of her fitness:

1)   Challenge #1:  Priorities
  My Mom has a long list of activities that for her were higher priority than taking care of herself.    A typical conversation would be, “how can I fit in a workout when I need to…. <<get my father-in-law to the cardiologist >>, <<volunteer at the library>>, <<meet our friends for dinner>>, <<you fill in your own>>.  It is tough for many people to “justify” taking time to workout, especially when there are other people counting on them.

Solution #1:  The 10-minute trainer resolved the Priorities dilemma for my Mom, because she can now say “It’s just 10-minutes”.  Thank you Tony Horton!   I would love for my Mom to see that prioritizing her own health actually means she has more to give, but if saying the mantra “it’s just 10-minutes” is what gets her to fit in a workout, then that is as good a reason as any!!


2)   Challenge #2:  The Retirement Schedule
   With retirement, all of the sudden there is a new freedom in the schedule.  This is a good challenge to have, but it is a challenge none the less.

Even though my Mom has kept a busy schedule, the lines are now a little more blurred between the “work week” and the “weekend”, which means that a dessert or a glass of wine that may have otherwise been saved for a Saturday night is now an appealing option on any night of the week.

Solution #2:  Make conscious food choices 4-5 days a week, and drinking Shakeology for breakfast on 3 of those days.


The 10-Minute Trainer experiment

For this “Test and Tell” experiment, we tested Tony Horton’s 10-minute trainer.  We wanted to see if a person could get fit working out for 10-minutes a day.  But since wellness has many components, we added a few additional components to the test.

My Mom originally committed to one-month of:Tony Horton 10 Minute Trainer workout

1.Working out with Tony Horton’s 10-minute trainer 5-7 days per week for the entire month of February.

2.Drinking more water than usual every single day

3.Making conscious food choices 4-5 days/week



Why 5-7 days per week?

We agreed that she would aim for 7, that way if something came up that prevented her from getting in a workout, she would always hit 5 workouts.


Why Tony Horton’s 10-minute trainer?

We wanted to be sure we were making the most effective use of those 10-minutes a day, so we went to the expert.

There is a reason that Tony Horton is well know for his fitness products.  His fitness programs, which include P90x and 10-minute trainer, gets results.  The 10-minute trainer gives you fat-burning, cardio, total body toning and sculpting, and an abs workout all at the same time by super-stacking the moves.   If you work hard for the entire 10-minutes, it pays off.


Why drink more water?

Because staying hydrated is a major part of the health equation.  Water helps lubricate our joints and muscles, flush waste from our cells, eliminate toxins from our bloodstream, and so much more.  Drinking sufficient water is essential.  Plus, many times, people misinterpret the signal for thirst as hunger and eat a snack when all their body was asking for was a glass of water.


What are conscious food choices?

Being conscious about what you eat simply means you take the time to think about each meal or snack before you put it in your mouth.

  • Consciously acknowledge to yourself that you are about to put something in your mouth
  • Then ask yourself if you are actually hungry or if you are eating for a different reason.
  • And if you are actually hungry, is what you are about to put in your mouth going to fuel your body.

Conscious eating is not restrictive eating, if your answer is that you are eating for a different reason than fueling your human vehicle, that’s ok.  Just write it down, or take a mental note of it.  By being conscious of your choices, you are more aware and can start having a conversation with yourself about your habits and patterns.  You may find that you are willing to release a few that no longer serve you.   And if you find that there are a number of old patterns you are ready to shed and you are not sure how you want to eat moving forward, check out the Ultimate Reset Cleanse.

The Ultimate Reset cleanse is a three-phase program that you can do from the comfort of your home.  It is designed to eliminate toxins while teaching you new menu options for fueling your body well.  In May, my Mom was one of our Ultimate Reset testers.  Her results included lowered cholesterol, plus she lost weight and inches.


Why not have conscious eating days every day?

That is a great end-goal and if you are comfortable with making conscious food choices 7 days a week, go for it.   If you do opt for 7 days a week of conscious eating, then you may want to get clear with yourself on the ideal balance of eating for fuel and eating for entertainment.   Feeling guilty does not help your digestive process, so if you are opting for conscious eating every day, then know yourself and agree with yourself about the parameters of your non-fuel eating.  And enjoy the process!

The reason our 10-minute trainer test included 4-5 days of conscious eating is because we know that for many people there is a strong emotional connection to complete food freedom.  So by staying conscious 4-5 days a week, we are able to gain clarity on the habits and patterns without developing a negative relationship with our new workout routine.


Why drink Shakeology for breakfast?

Shakeology- The Healthiest Meal of the DayShakeology is a nutrient-dense meal in a glass.

How does it work*?  The whole-food ingredients in Shakeology deliver the essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals your body needs.  By making Shakeology one of your meals (or snacks), you are feeding your body the fuel it needs to thrive.   For more information about the vitamins and minerals, the protein, antioxidants, phytonutrients, digestive enzymes, and prebiotics in Shakeology.  And if you are interested in what doctors are saying about Shakeology, this links you to interviews with cardiologists, gastroenterologists, and family practice doctors talking about their patients results from adding Shakeology into their daily routine.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



The  Results of the 10-Minute Trainer experiment

The first significant result was that at the end of the first month, my Mom wanted to keep going.  We designed the original experiment to be one month (and a short month at that) because that felt really do-able for my Mom.  But when she reached the end of February, she had already gotten stronger and fitter, and she was up for continuing the experiment.

By mid-April, when we recorded this video, my Mom had been doing the 10-minute trainer for 2 ½ months.





10-Minute Trainer results:

My Mom now has a stronger core.  She can hold a plank for one minute.   Why is that important?  Those same muscles that hold the plank, also hold up your frame.  That is an important muscle group to maintain at any age.

Lost 5 real pounds.  Why do I say real pounds and why does it matter?  They are real because they came off from a slight lifestyle shift.   The pounds came off at a slow and measured pace, and my Mom built muscle in the process.  She has a new routine that is sustainable, which means the weight loss won’t be temporary.

Lost 2 ¼ inches around her waist.  That’s another sign that the weight loss was done with wellness and sustainability in mind.  As my Mom built muscle, her body responded by burning fat.  The result is a great shape.

For pricing and order information about the 10-minute trainer, click here for more information.



You can get fit working out in 10-minutes a day with Tony Horton’s 10-minute trainer.


Special thanks to my totally awesome Mom for doing this experiment with me!!!!!!



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