Rumble Roller

Wondering why we love the Rumble Roller? Check out the video of me foam rolling below.

Best foam roller




Wondering how you will use your Rumble Roller?  Watch this video for a foam rolling demonstration.


We had a question about how to foam roll your neck with the Rumble Roller, so here’s the answer…


You may be thinking… Hey that Rumble Roller is a bit on the pricey side.

We were thinking the same thing when we saw the price.  And we almost didn’t try it because we were slightly skeptical that there would enough of a difference to be worth the price.  But then we tried it, and WOW!!!  The value is definitely there.  It costs less than a massage, and the massage only lasts for one-session; the Rumble Roller is there for you week in and week out.

We’ve owned a few different foam rollers over the years, and the Rumble Roller just takes rolling to another level.

different foam rollers, the rumble roller

We love our Rumble Roller so much, we travel with it.  (and we are the carry-on only kind of travelers, so bringing along an extra item is a saying a lot).

Best foam roller The raised nodules work like a deep tissue massage to get deeper into the tissues than an ordinary roller.  We didn’t even realize the places that we had “brakes” on our physical structures until we started rolling.  It was amazing how incorporating foam rolling with the rumble roller into our workout routine enhanced our performance.

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