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If you are looking for a home-fitness program, you came to the right place.

home fitness step 1:  Sign up to be part of Team Empower.  It’s free to join, and being part of Team Empower entitles you to personalized support, plus, added perks like bonus DVD’s, 30-day money back guarantees, and more.

step 2:  Check out our awesome selection of home workout videos (including P90X2, 10-Minute Trainer, Insanity, and more)

P90X3 v T25Even if you are not ready to purchase a home workout today, you can still follow step one and Join Team Empower today.


Are you part of Team Empower?

Members of Team Empower get added perks when they order.  Be sure you are a member before you order.  Learn more about Team Empower here.


Great Home Workouts 

We offer a great selection of best-in-class workouts, and all of our products come with free support (see below for info on how to easily access this free support).

Best Deal for your Beachbody Products

Membership to Team Empower is free, and it ensures you get the best deal on Beachbody workouts.  The reason we know that is because anyone that is authorized to sell Beachbody products will be offering them at the same price.  With price being equal, we know what we offer is an awesome value.  We can offer support from a place of experience.

PLUS, for those that are interested challenge packs, or Shakeology on monthly autoship, we offer an added bonus gift exclusively for members of Team Empower.  Be sure to Join Team Empower today.

AND, because we are authorized to sell Beachbody products, every package comes with a money-back guarantee.  All the details of the money back guarantee can be found in the shopping cart.  Ready to commit?  Choose one of these packages and click on the link to order.

How to Order

Visit our online Beachbody shop *  to see the entire line of Beachbody Products, including:

Workout programs

P90X2, Insanity, T25, Brazil Butt Lift, Tai Cheng, and 10-minute trainer.

Plus:  P90X, Les Mills Combat, ChaLean Extreme, Turbo Jam, Body Gospel, HipHop Abs, and more


Bands and Balls, heart rate monitors, P90X and P90X2 equipment, chin up and push up equipment, and more

You’ll even find apparel.

If you are new to Beachbody programs, then welcome to the community.  You will soon find out why these are the top-rated products in home-fitness.

If you are NOT new to Beachbody, then you will already have a team Beachbody account.  Clicking the links on our site will redirect you to your current account.   You may have been assigned a coach and didn’t even know it, or you may have a coach that doesn’t fit your goals.  If this is the case, and you feel like FueltheBodyWell can better help you maximize the program, making the switch is easy! Here’s the link to become a member of Team Empower.


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