How does the Beyoncé Cleanse compare to the Ultimate Reset Cleanse?

Beyoncé Cleanse vs. Ultimate Reset Cleanse?Beyoncé is so very awesome for so many reasons from her amazing talent to her inspiring curvy figure—which she usually earns through eating smart and working out.

But if you search for Beyoncé Cleanse, you’ll quickly see tons of articles and advertisements for the Master Cleanse. If it’s good enough for Beyoncé, should you try it?

The quick answer is:  No!!!

Beyoncé did the Master Cleanse for her role in Dream Girls because she wanted to lose a lot of weight very quickly and she intended on gaining it right back and return to her famous curvy figure.  Doing the master cleanse was not a diet, it was not a permanent weight loss solution, and it is not sustainable.  It was for a role in a movie.

I don’t know Beyoncé personally (yet, although it would be super-cool to have the opportunity to work out with her one day) but I am guessing that if she had more time, she would have done a more body-loving cleanse that nourished her body as she lost that weight.

How does the Beyoncé Cleanse compare to the Ultimate Reset Cleanse?

The summary is that these two cleanses are not in the same category.

The Master Cleanse, when done without supplementing with additional nutrients, is a temporary plan with no long-term benefits.

The Ultimate Reset Cleanse is a clinically-proven method for nourishing and gently detoxing and restoring the body.  The results from the Ultimate Reset are lasting because not only do you spend the 21-days cleansing, you also learn new recipes and tips that support wellness post-cleanse.

Temporary vs. Long-term Weight loss

The Master Cleanse = Temporary results

The Ultimate Reset Cleanse = Long-term results PLUS new recipes and habits for healthy, body-loving choices

Nourishing vs. Crash Diet

The Master Cleanse = Crash Diet.  The master cleanse deprives the body of nutrients and most of the weight loss is water weight and muscle, not fat.

salad with golden beets and pine nutsThe Ultimate Reset Cleanse = nourishing and kind to the body.  The Ultimate Reset Cleanse is a 21-day plan that takes into account what the body needs to thrive during the detox and is mindful of the importance of a healthy gut.

Impact to metabolism

The Master Cleanse =  starvation diets typically slow down our bodies metabolism.  The Master Cleanse claims that the pepper that is added to the lemonade keeps the metabolism from slowing down, but there is no scientific study that supports the benefits of doing the Master Cleanse

The Ultimate Reset Cleanse = Throughout the Ultimate Reset Cleanse, you are nourishing your body with healthy, nutrient-rich meals.  When the body is being nourished, it does not shift into “starvation mode”.

Ease of Cleanse

The Master Cleanse = very convenient.  This is the one big benefit of the Master Cleanse.  It’s easy to do and very inexpensive.

golden beets ready to cookThe Ultimate Reset Cleanse = more labor-intensive.  During the Ultimate Reset Cleanse, you are learning to prepare meals, so there is the fact that you are making whole food meals daily.  Plus the added time because there is a learning curve as you learn the new recipes. The up-side of the work is that you are learning skills that can be used even post-Reset.

Price of the Cleanse

The Master Cleanse = very inexpensive.  You aren’t paying for food for the entire time you are doing the cleanse.

The Ultimate Reset Cleanse = an investment in your health.  Compared to on-site-cleanses, the Ultimate Reset Cleanse is a great deal, but compared to not paying for food for a week, it may seem like an investment.  What’s the return on investment?  Health, vibrancy, amazing amounts of energy, weight loss, lower cholesterol, and — one benefit that is specific to men who do the Ultimate Reset Cleanse– higher testosterone.

Ultimate Reset Cleanse

Click here to read more about the results of the Ultimate Reset Cleanse scientific study.

Where can you purchase the Ultimate Reset Cleanse for the best deal?  Check out:  The Ultimate Reset 21-Day Cleanse for all the info.

How close do you need to stay to a bathroom?

The Master Cleanse = very close!  You take a laxative daily during the Master Cleanse.

The Ultimate Reset Cleanse =  the same as normal.  You will likely experience fuller eliminations, but most people do not experience urgency or emergency trips to the bathroom.  The cleanse was designed so you can continue your day-to-day life without running to the bathroom.

Long term benefits

The Master Cleanse = not sustainable.

Testosterone on Ultimate Reset CleanseThe Ultimate Reset Cleanse = Benefits include weight loss, decrease in total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol.  And, for men-only, increase in testosterone.  For more on the benefits of the Ultimate Reset Cleanse, check out:   Ultimate Reset Cleanse Results:  peer-reviewed scientific study

What is awesome about the Master Cleanse?

The one thing I love about the Master Cleanse is that it encourages hydration.   Being hydrated is so important for optimal wellness.

Plus, adding healthy options into your water – like fresh lemon and spices adds vitamins and other nutrients.

benefits of adding lemon to your water

According to the self nutrition tool (which is a user-friendly tool that uses the USDA as their source for nutrition information)…  1 lemon yields 36% of your daily vitamin C, which makes it a nice immunity booster.  Lemons also have potassium. And, according to, lemons have antioxidant properties.

And, there is also the Grandmother-wisdom-factor to lemons too.  My Great-Aunt, who is 98 and still in great shape and living independently, drinks hot water with lemon in the evening to aid in digestion.

What about the spices in the Master Cleanse?  Some say cayenne pepper, some say paprika.  Adding a teaspoon of paprika to water sounds great.  Paprika is a great source for vitamin A.  And, according to the Self Nutrition Tracker, paprika is mildly anti-inflammatory, plus it is a good source of Thiamin, Magnesium, and dietary fiber.

How can you get the benefits from the Master Cleanse without Starving your Body?

Drink water with lemon and paprika every day for 10 days along with a healthy, well-balanced meal plan— NOT as a substitute for eating.

What is awesome about the Ultimate Reset Cleanse?

Ultimate Reset 21 Day Cleanse. Day 4 Lunch

Ultimate Reset Day 4 Lunch

In addition to all the benefits to your body of the carefully-designed, clinically proven 21-day cleansing.  You also get a 21-day education in preparing nourishing meals, eating on a schedule that allows for full digestion between meals, and building habits that last long past the 21-day cleanse.

The Ultimate Reset Cleanse is awesome because it delivers an awesome cleanse and so much more.  How does that translate into weight loss?  Weight loss is a natural response to nourishing your body optimally.  Check out Craig’s Ultimate Reset Results to see a real person’s real results.


If you are searching for a healthy way to detox your body, you may want to reconsider doing the Master Cleanse and looking into the Ultimate Reset Cleanse.

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Wishes for abundant wellness!

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