How quickly can you see results from doing Brazil Butt Lift?

Leandro Carvalho, the creator of Brazil Butt Lift guarantees a nice round “bum bum” if we work hard during our Brazil Butt lift workouts.   Both out of curiosity and also from a desire to look great in a pair of jeans, I decided to see how fast one could see results from doing the Brazil Butt Lift workout.

The quick answer:    after 2 weeks I am already noticing that my booty is higher, tighter, and rounder.  Read on for details.

There is a lot more information about Brazil Butt Lift below.  


Brazil Butt Lift Week 2:
The pros, the challenges, and a real person’s results

Brazil Butt Lift week 2 resultsFirst it is important to share that this is my Brazil Butt Lift “take 2”.  I started Brazil Butt Lift a couple of months ago, and although I appreciated the burn and I could tell the workout was making a difference, I could not motivate myself to “push play” every day.  The upside of my personal struggle to stay committed to BBL was I had the first hand experience to write Which Brazil Butt Lift workout is best when you’ve missed a workout?   Before I dive into the challenges, let me share the pros, because there are many.


The Pros of the Brazil Butt Lift

1)   Tools for success
The Brazil Butt Lift comes with everything you need to get started* with your workout.  The DVDs, the step-by-step guide with instructions for which workouts to do when, the resistance band you Brazil Butt Lift DVDsneed, and more.  For more details about what comes with the Brazil Butt Lift workout, you can read Brazil Butt Lift:  what comes when you order BBL .

Ankle weights are the one thing that does not come with the basic kit that *you will eventually want as you build strength in your booty muscles.  For your convenience, we offer one-pound ankle weights and 5-pound adjustable ankle weights in our online shop when you are ready for them.   Or, if you have a 5-Below store near you, you should be able to find a beginner pair of ankle weights there.  The beginner ankle weights that I have found at 5-Below are a little less comfortable, but they get the job done on a budget.


2)   The moves work
Just a few moves into the first workout, you’ll become acquainted with muscles you may not have even known you had.    If you are wondering what you may experience from the first workout, check out How sore are you after Day 1 with Brazil Butt Lift? .

When people call Leandro the booty master, they are referring to the fact that he understands the complexity and mechanics of the derriere and designed the workout to tighten and tone the entire butt.  Here’s a little more about Leandro’s TriAngle Training technique.


Brazil Butt Lift workout works the booty from many angles



3)   The inspiring sayings
Leandro motivates with his inspirational sayings.  The one he repeats most often Don’t Settle for Less is a good reminder to make every move of your Brazil Butt Lift workout count.

Another one of his inspiring sayings is “Allow”.  This one usually stays with me long after I’ve finished working out.    A small word, but very powerful.   Interestingly enough, this may be the very thing that leads to my challenge with Brazil Butt Lift.  I am more accustomed to having to work hard and “earn” the results with sweat equity.  When you are doing the Brazil Butt Lift, even though you have to push yourself through the burn, it is still a low key workout.  It has been eye opening to observe that I still get results when I “allow”.

Interested in trying Brazil Butt Lift?  It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee**.

The Challenges of the Brazil Butt Lift

It is really easy for me to talk to you about the pros of Brazil Butt Lift, but the challenges are not as clear-cut for me.  Perhaps that is because challenges are personal, and I suppose if I were 100% clear about them, I would work with myself  to address them.  But my struggle with this particular workout has been a blessing in disguise.  It is a good example that when you don’t have a strong enough “why”, the task can be de-prioritized.

What is a “why” and why is it important?  A “why” is our own personal reason for doing the workout that we chose to commit to. (The “why” really applies to all aspects of our lives, but for now, I’ll stay focused on BBL)

If you don’t already know your “why” for pushing play on your Brazil Butt Lift workout, you may want to pause for a moment to think about why you are doing this workout.

Is it to be fit and healthy?  Do you have weight-loss goals?  Do you want to model wellness for your children?  Aiming to look great in a pair of jeans?  The reasons are endless; the important thing is that you are clear with yourself.  Otherwise, when you have to prioritize your day, pushing play becomes seemingly less important than the other tasks on your list.


But if you think about your why instead of thinking about the activity, it changes the perspective.   If your goal is to model wellness for your children, then the task is no longer “working out”, it becomes transformed to “parent super-hero, amazing modeler of wellness, giver of healthy habits”.  Doesn’t that sound like a lot more worth prioritizing!?!


The Results after 2 weeks of  Brazil Butt Lift

It is amazing to me that after 2 weeks I can already notice that my booty is higher, tighter, and rounder.

And even cooler than filling out my jeans in the right places, having a stronger booty has meant having a stronger back.  Today I tried out P90X Plyometrics, and it was so cool to realize how much stronger my core and back are from doing Brazil Butt Lift.


Conclusion and Best Wishes

Whether your goals are wellness-based – like wanting a stronger core and back,  or fashion-base – like wanting to look a certain way in a pair of jeans, Leandro Carvahlo is your man.

Wishing you all the best with your workout!


For more about Brazil Butt Lift:


**Team Beachbody products come with a 30-day money back guarantee, less shipping and handling. If you are not satisfied with your product for any reason and are within your guarantee period, you can call Customer Service.  All the details and return instructions are provided during the check out process.


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