INSANITY: ASYLUM What dumbbell size to choose?

Day two of Asylum arrives and I realize I don’t have any dumbbells.  I used to have a great pair of 16 lb dumbells that my uncle made for me from some scrap metal and his metal working skills.  They were really great but it is time for some new gear since those have been misplaced.

I gave up lifting weights years ago when I decided I should be able to do everything I need with body weight exercises and I hated lifting weights anyway.  Well recently I had an experience with a great chiropracter who had me lifting weights that were, quite frankly, embarrassing light!  I’m no meat head but I have a self image that includes an opinion of how strong I am.  Apparently I was wrong.  After working out with the light weights, and very strict form, I began to feel which muscles were actually working.  Even better, I am now able to shift my form until the target muscle is being isolated.  And best of all, I enjoy lifting weights again!

So what does this have to do with ASYLUM and my choice of dumbbell?  Well of course I had to go out in public and buy some new dumbbells.  Or maybe I would go with a Band?  I think bands are a great idea but after completing the ASYLUM Strength workout I’m happy with my choice to go with dumbbells.  If you have lots of experience using bands you will be fine but I would not suggest using this workout to learn how to use the bands.  Back to the dumbbells…what size to choose? I highly recommend  using a weight that you can comfortably do 15 slow bicep curls with.  This will be a challenge during the strength workout.  Every exercise is done for speed so you are better off erring on the side of lighter and working harder by going faster during the workout.

Another feature that I suggest in your dumbbells is a rubber coating.  During this workout you be putting the dumbbells on the ground, picking them up and setting them down during the exercises.  There are also moves where you may want to clink the ends of the dumbbells together.  All of these reasons lead to a better experience with rubber coated dumbbells.

Let me clarify; I would not suggest buying new dumbbells if you already have a set without  rubber coating.  But I would suggest buying a new set if you have an existing set that are too heavy.  Remember, if you can’t complete a single set of 15 standing biceps curls with your existing dumbbells do yourself a favor and get some new equipment.  If you have an Amazon prime account you can get FREE shipping even if you are buying heavy weights!  The image below is pricing a single 20 pound dumbbell, but if you click it you can choose any weight from 5lbs to 60lbs.   If not, you may be better off going to the local sporting goods store.  Most large stores and many smaller ones will have some dumbbells on hand.

I really loved the ASYLUM Strength workout and would love to hear what you think.  Until next time, be well!


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