P90X: The First 30 Days

Most people agree that the first 30 days of the P90X Workout are the most challenging. Plus, chances are, unless you are already an elite athlete in top condition, the first 30 days will bring a lot of colossal changes to your body. When you dive into P90X, you’ll quickly see why it is one of the most effective and well regarded body sculpting home workouts on the market.

P90X Workout

P90X Extreme Training.

Having successfully pushed through the first month of the P90X workout, I wanted to share with you exactly what to expect during the first 30 days of P90X.


What to expect during the first 30 days of  the P90X Workout

Everyone’s experience with P90X will be unique, but there are still some similar trends across all users of the program.

During the first 30 days of the P90X Workout, you experience a lot of these developments, some positive and some challenges, but each is an equally important aspect of your body’s transformation.

Here are a couple things you can expect to feel during the first 30 days of P90X workout:

  • Soreness
    • You will be sore from P90X.  I can almost guarantee it.  The first couple days are the hardest, especially because you  keep working out when your body is already experiencing muscle soreness.  The good news is that the first week is BY FAR the worst for muscles soreness, and your body adjusts quickly.  Even better news is that that muscle soreness means your body is working hard, and you’re on your way to a chiseled, lean body.
      • Know the difference between muscle soreness and an injury.  If something doesn’t feel right (such as a sharp pain or a harsh ache), then consult your health care professional.
  • Increased Appetite
    • It is safe to assume that you’re burning more calories doing P90X Workout each day than you typically burn.  As with any workout, your body will need more energy to fuel these physical endeavors, so it is important to plan your meals accordingly.  If your goal of doing P90X is to see a physical transformation, then it’s vital to remember to NOT satisfy your appetite with unhealthy foods.  If you really need a snack, grab an apple or a protein bar and try to stay within your nutrition plan.  For suggestions, check out the Nutrition section of our website.
  • Doubts About the Workout
    • There will definitely be times when you consider skipping a workout or even quitting altogether; that’s perfectly normal.  The important thing is to push through and to keep your goal of getting into the best shape of your life in your sights. What’s awesome about the P90X Workout is you can track your improvement, so if you’re ever having doubts about doing the program you can see the progress you have already made.  If you still feel apprehensive, try going to the Online Community to find the support to keep going.
  • Increased Work Ethic
    • Dedicating over an hour each day to fitness is no easy task, especially while balancing a job and a social life.  Don’t be surprised if this work ethic carries over to other aspects of your life.  I’ve heard of people performing better in their jobs, as well as finding more time to spend with their family and friends.  P90X Workout helps you improve your time management skills, so it becomes easier to make time for fun activities once you are tuned in to your schedule.

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What results can you expect from the first 30 days of the P90X Workout?

30 Days after you begin your P90X workout… Be prepared for HUGE improvements physically from day 1 to day 30.  If you keep up with the workouts and stay true to your nutrition plan, you will look back on your progress with pride on how far you’ve come.

First I would like to discuss general fitness improvements, and then I will go into detail about specifics of each of the workouts.  Keep in mind that your experience will differ slightly, but there is no doubt that you will see and feel results.

General Improvements from doing P90X Workout

  • Reduced muscle soreness
    • After 30 days of ripping and testing your muscles, you won’t be nearly as sore from any of the workouts.  By day 30 you find that you are doing more reps, heavier weights, and resting less but you will not feel it nearly as much the next morning.
  • Increased endurance
    •  In the first days of the P90X Workout, I hit the pause button around 4 times per workout, and probably took about 10 minutes extra of rest.  By day 30, I only needed to pause every once in a while, and the latter parts of each workout were not as much of a struggle.  After a full month of P90X Workout, you will have a much easier time keeping up with Tony Horton and the rest of the gang in the videos.
  • “Better” Appetite
    • This was a surprising one for me, but my desire for fatty, sugary foods definitely subsided after 30 days.  If you follow the nutrition plan, you can get an idea of how many calories you should be consuming each day.  If you follow that number, your body becomes acclimated to it, and you will find yourself snacking less.  In addition you will have learned a lot about healthy eating, and will have plenty of new meal ideas to fuel your body well.
  • Increased Dedication
    • After an entire month of the program, you will have trouble imagining your life without it.  It isn’t even just an organizational thing: your body will want the feeling of being worked out and having eaten a healthy meal.  You will have so much familiarity with the nutrition plan that you will know what you like and don’t like, as well as what you have time to prepare.  It’s also very likely that you end up getting involved in the Online Community, and become inclined to share your experiences with other P90X athletes.
  • Improved Sport Performance
    • P90X Workout doesn’t train you to be better at basketball or football per se, but a side-effect of getting the best shape of your life is performing better in sports-related activities.  Strength, flexibility, and speed are pretty much the fundamentals of any sport, so naturally your mobility, reaction time, agility, and throwing strength will all increase as a result.
  • More Confidence
    • Just knowing that you have made a commitment to changing your life for the better is enough to make you feel great about yourself.  Your relationship with yourself will improve as P90X Workout progresses.  This “self appreciation” will extend to others as well, and they will react to your confidence and will even gain more respect for you.  It’s also an unbelievable feeling seeing your progress in the mirror, and knowing you are getting closer and closer to a body that will blow people away.  P90X Workout’s effects are mental just as much as they are physical, so don’t be afraid to embrace the athlete’s persona in addition to the athlete’s body.

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Workout Specific Improvements

  • Chest & Back
    • This is one of the most fun of the P90X workouts to see improvement because push-ups and pull-ups are 2 of the most basic and well known exercises in fitness.  It feels a lot better to be able to say “I can do 20 pull-ups and 45 push-ups” than it does to say “I can do 12 lawnmowers with a 35lb weight.”  With that in mind, you will definitely see your rep count on the push-up and pull-up exercises increase after 30 days.  In addition, you will be able to use slightly heavier weights (most likely a 5lb increase) and do a couple more reps of the weighted exercises.  For a lot of people, the second half on the workout drags because it’s essentially the first half but repeated.  A month into P90X Workout you should see a huge improvement in the second half, hopefully to the point where your numbers don’t differ that much from the first half.
  • Plyo XP90X plyo
    •  The difference between day 1 and day 30 of your P90X workout is very noticeable in Plyo X.  Day 1, you will most likely be exhausted after the first or second set of jumping exercises.  Once day 30 comes around, you will have double the endurance you started with.  As a P90X athlete, you will be able to take better advantage of the later sets with improved endurance.  The first run through Plyo X sections 5 and 6 could be almost pointless; as you will be so tired you might not be able to complete the motions.  This all subsides by day 30, and you will be able to complete Plyo X with less breaks, better form, and most importantly softer landings.  The softer landings require stronger muscles, but they take less pressure of off your body’s joints, so after 30 days you will feel less “beat up” after each plyometrics routine.  The P90X Workout plyometrics routine is hard to notice results visually, and most of your improvement is felt while doing the workout.   Out of all the workouts, plyometrics will reveal the biggest difference in sport performance after 30 days.  The ability to jump higher and faster while staying coordinated will be much more noticed on the basketball court or the soccer field than increased strength will be.
  • Shoulders & Arms
    • In the earlier days of P90X Shoulders & Arms, the shoulder exercises tend to drain most of your energy, and all the overhead motions of shoulders and tricep exercises can be menacing.  A month into P90X, you will be much more confident in your overhead activity, and will consequently be able to maximize your weight/reps.  Choosing the right weights can be especially tricky for this workout of day 1, because there are so many completely different exercises, and your body is usually exhausted by the end.  By day 30, you know the flow of things, and you will have a much better gauge of what weight and how many reps your body needs to do.  Like I said in my Getting Started With P90X post, if you are going for muscle size you will likely increase your weights, and if you’re going for muscle definition you will probably add a couple more reps before thinking about increasing weight.
  • Yoga X
    • The difference between day 1 and day 30 of Yoga X can be the most drastic out of any of the workouts.  The first day of Yoga can easily be a real challenge, especially if you have no prior experience.  After 30 days, you will be stronger and more flexible, and you will have an improved sense of balance.  I went from barely being able to half of the positions on day 1 to completing all but two (crane and twisted half-moon) on day 30.  Technique is extremely important to Yoga, so after 30 days you will be getting more out of each position without the added stress on the rest of your body.  The balancing ability you gain in Yoga X is really helpful in all of the other workouts as well, especially some lunging motions in Legs & Back and the kicks in Kenpo X.
  • Legs & Back
    • The Legs & Back routine can be especially brutal in the first couple weeks just because people are usually not used to working out the legs.  This makes the lunges and squats (the two basic moves in the legs workout) very difficult.  Because you get stronger and more flexible over the course of the first month, you will be able to do deeper squats and lunges.  This does not necessarily make them easier, as the extended motion will work the muscles more.  With that in mind, most motions of the leg part of the workout do get easier after 30 days, and your legs will be more toned since day 1.  Your legs will be much sturdier than they were before, and you will able to hold positions better, allowing you to maximize each set.  You will especially see this improvement in wall squats, which can seem almost impossible on day 1. Also after 30 days you also won’t dread pull-ups as much, and they will become a nice break from the leg exercises.
  • Kenpo X
    • Kenpo X is a little harder to see results because there aren’t any weights involved, and it is more of a cardio workout than anything.  After 30 days though, you will have much more energy by the workout’s conclusion.  Just like with Yoga X, your Kenpo X technique will improve after 30 days of P90X.  Your kicks will be higher, your punches will be stronger, and your blocks will be crisper.  Since your technique will have improved, it will be easier to keep up with Tony Horton, and fit in each rep of each exercise in the allotted time.
  • X Stretch
    • Long-term improvement in the X Stretch is awesome because most of your results will be seen in other workouts.  You don’t need to take measurements to see that after 30 days of P90X Workout you can now touch your toes, and each time you stretch you will be able to see and feel how far you’ve come.  Stretching progress is most noticeable in the leg muscles, especially the hamstrings.  30 days of stretch workouts will also allow you to isolate muscles better in each workout.  With your new flexibility, your body will be able to do crisper motions, and leave unnecessary muscles out of the picture.
  • Ab Ripper X
    • The difference between day 1 and day 30 for Ab Ripper X can’t be understated.  Chances are on day 1 you will be struggling to keep up with Tony Horton, and you will only get a few reps in most sets.  You might not even be able to do any reps for some exercises.  The big change between day 1 and day 30 of Ab Ripper X is the overall quality of your sets.  You will still have those exercises that give you trouble, but as a whole you will be closer than ever to completing all 339 reps.  It’s really an incredible feeling to do a workout exactly like it’s done on the videos, and Ab Ripper X is likely the first one where you will feel that sense of accomplishment.
If you aren’t seeing any results after 30 days,  it is quite possible that either you aren’t pushing hard enough during the workouts, or you aren’t fueling your body well.  For many people it is the latter, so you may want to re-read the P90X Nutrition Guide that comes with your workout, and start writing down everything you eat.

The first 30 days of your P90X workout set the standard for your results

The first 30 days of P90X Workout set the tempo for the next 60.  If you’re skipping workouts, going easy on the weights, and eating junk, you will not end up with the ripped body you’re looking for.  Likewise, if you get off to a rocky start with the first 30 days, you will end up playing catch up during the next 30.  In my Getting Started With P90X Workout post, I mentioned that you will have to prepare yourself for a change in lifestyle.  The first 30 days of P90X Workout will definitely be a hefty change to your lifestyle, but the totally ripped body is worth the minor adjustments.  After a while, working out and healthy eating become second nature and YOU will be the one convincing your friends to pursue a healthy life.  Remember, 30 down. 60 to go.


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