P90X3 – Day 1, what’s the workout?

Day 1 P90X3

Sunrise workout. Day 1 of P90X3.

The first workout of P90X3 is Total Synergistics… read more here to learn what the workout is like and how in shape you need to be to start.

Before we dive into the details, I’ll start with this…  I totally give this workout a thumbs up.

Trying 90 days of X3

Here’s what I had to say about the first day of P90X3…

Time (30 minutes)

I really liked that he could do the entire workout in 30 minutes (he literally only had 30 minutes allocated to working out this morning so time was key)

Summary of X3 Synergistics

It felt like it was an awesome get-your-whole-body-moving workout.  It included some core work, some yoga, some pushups, some pullups, some one-legged/balance moves, and some shoulders.

How in shape do you need to be?

There is one guy in the cast of P90X3 that was not in “after” shape yet.  It’s cool that they included a person that was not totally perfect at the workout, it reminds us that we can all start where we are.  We keep pressing play and build from there.  It’s not where we start, but our persistence and consistency that takes us where we are going!

What weights do you need for day 1 of X3?

You can use bands or free weights for today’s workout.  There was a move today that they were doing Warrior 3 with light weights in their hands (so 2 small dumbbells).  And there was another move that they were doing squats with a single heavier weight.  For the squats, since it is a bigger muscle group, you can go heavier.. either a heavier dumbbell or a kettlebell… if you already have a weight in your house (dumbbell or kettlebell), just start with what you have.  Or, if you don’t, you can use the bands for any of the moves.

Where can you get P90X3 for the best deal?

We are happy to share what we learn as we try these workouts… and we are also happy that we can offer all the Beachbody workouts for the best deal available.  Plus, when you purchase from us, you are supporting a home-grown business, which means you get personal support and accountability for your workout.  To read more about how to Order P90X3 for the best deal

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