P90X3 day 6 review: The Warrior Workout

Day 6 of P90X3What do you need to do Day 6 of P90X3?

Gravity, a towel, and a healthy dose of “yes I can”.

What is the Warrior Workout?

The Warrior is a workout you can do anywhere, you don’t need any equipment.  Like most of the P90X3 workouts we’ve reviewed so far, you are hitting your whole body in 30 minutes.

You work a little bit of everything with the moves.  What exactly can you expect? … some burpees, some squats, some lunges, some ab work, a few push ups (but not like day 4), and more.

How long is the workout?

 30 minutes and then you have a 2 minute cool down after.

How sore are you by Day 6 of P90X3?

How you feel will be entirely individual, but I’ll share how I’m feeling to give you some idea.

After today’s workout, I was feeling like he needed some additional stretching and mobility work.  What mobility work?  Top of the list– some rumble rolling.  If you don’t have a rumble roller, you can use a tennis ball or a lacrosse ball.  Or, you can make a homemade roller by putting 2 balls into a sock OR taping them together with duct tape.

Rumble Roller and lacrosse balls for P90X3 mobility

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