P90X3 Day 7 review – Dynamix workout

P90X3 day 7 - Dynamix

TP90X3 , Day 7

P90X3 Day 7 gives you a choice between having a rest day and doing the Dynamix workout.

Which do you choose?

For most of us, the initial reaction will be to be psyched about the day off.  And that’s a normal thought to have– it’s what we do after we have that initial thought that defines our path.

Taking a rest day after 6 days of working out is typically a great call to allow your body to recharge.  However, after the first 6 days of P90X3, we’d strongly recommend you go for it and press play on Dynamix.

Dynamix is for range of motion and mobility, which are so important for sustainable success with any tough workout.  And maybe next week you can take that rest day.

Are you doing P90X3?

  • If you are doing P90X3, Congrats on completing week 1!  It just gets better from here!
  • If you are considering P90X3 – go for it!  You have nothing to lose, it comes with a money back guarantee! 

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