P90X3 review of day 2, the Agility X workout

P90X3 day 3 in-action

P90X3 day 3 in-action

Thinking about doing P90X3?  Wondering what it will be like?  Here’s the review of P90X3 agility workout which is on the schedule for day 2 …


Towel, water, and if you have a line of painters tape on the floor, that would be helpful.  (Tony talks in more detail about what the tape on the floor is for and how to set it up during the ‘getting started’ video)

Is there music?

There is some background music, but it’s very light and very much in the background.  If you are completely motivated by music, you may want to either play your own music along side or check out T25 or Les Mills Pump.

Is it engaging

Yes!  The 30 minutes goes by so fast.  And Tony Horton is really engaging.  He keeps you on track with his cuing plus he has a style that keeps you motivated, pushes you to give you all, and yet reminds you to stay focused on your own best and feel great about where you are- as is.

What’s the workout today?

Agility and balance.  You really feel the pace! Your first time through you may have to rewind for some of the moves to really master them (or just press through and master the series over the course of the 90-days).  You heat up really fast. And you hit your whole body with this workout and get it done in 30 minutes.

review of Agility X, P90X3 day 2

And for today’s workout, there was an add-on 4-minutes for the cool down.

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