P90X3 – review of Day 5 (CVX workout)

P90X3 review of day 5P90X3 CVX Workout

Are you ready to bring it again? Here we are on Day 5 of P90X3 and you’ll notice we have not repeated any workouts yet.  P90X3 definitely brings variety!

For those just tuning in, Antonios is doing P90X3, and I am taking notes as he goes.  (and doing my own workout– Les Mills Pump, so if you have any questions about that workout, check out our blog)

Are there modifications for this workout?

Antonios said one of the cool things about P90X3 (besides the fact that these workouts are 30 minutes) is that the moves all have modifications, so whatever shape you are in, you can get the best workout for YOUR OWN condition.  But from where I am sitting, these workouts look tough, so if you are planning to start P90X3 as a building block, be sure to respect where you are and plan to do the modified moves as you build up.

If you modify, you won’t be alone.  One of the cool things we’ve noticed so far is that not all the people on screen in Tony’s gym are equally graceful, but they all look like they are having fun.  Yes- they are in great shape.  And yes, most of them are nailing the workouts.  But you’ll see varying levels, which is a nice reminder that we are all on our own journey with this workout.

What is a CVX workout?

It’s cardio with a small weight in your hand (or no weight if the workout is enough on it’s own as you get started).  You work balance, obliques, shoulders, and more.  And it looked like a fun one.

How hard is Day 5 of P90X3?

It’s a tough workout.  Was it tough because day 4 was such a challenging workout (pun intended)?  Maybe, but it would have been tough on it’s own because if you are not tired from day 4, then you’ll be able to go faster… so either way, you’ll earn your workout today!

Looking for Support for you P90X3 workout?

For coaching and support for your P90X3 workout, join Team Empower (it’s free to join).  We are in this together!  Working out from the convenience of home on your own schedule is totally great for convenience, but sometimes it’s nice to check in with others and have that virtual support and accountability.  Come join the team, and if you are interested, we’ll connect you with a virtual fitness group.

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