P90X3 vs T25

How do I decide between P90X3 and Focus T25?

“Not enough time” is a big reason that gets in the way of a great workout.  Well, Shaun T and Tony Horton just took away that reason.  The ultimate excuse-busters!

We already know that their original workouts are totally awesome.  There is a good reason that so many people love Insanity, P90X, and P90X2– they are awesome workouts and they get results!!!  But what about those times in your life when you just can’t get in an hour to workout?

Now you have 2 great choices!  P90X3 and T25

(and there is, of course, the original quick-workout, 10-minute Trainer)

But how do you choose between the P90X3 workout and the T25 workout?

Similarities between T25 and P90X3

  • Time
    Both the T25 and P90X3 workouts are designed for quick results  (known as accelerated workouts)
  • Sports Science
    Both workouts demonstrate a practical use of sports science.  They both combine functional fitness, body resistance, and band resistance for a smart, well-balanced workout program
  • A healthy dose of motivation
    Shaun T and Tony Horton are both so full of positive energy.  They both have their own styles to keep us focused, motivated, and pushing ourselves to reach our personal best.
  • Modified Moves
    Both workouts have someone working out along side the trainer to demonstrate modified moves to keep things low impact and protect your form as you build your strength.
  • Results
    People always like to ask me if the before and after commercials they see are real people.  And while I haven’t met all the people in the commercials, I have met some–and yes, they are real people.  Plus, I’ve seen our clients experience those made-for-tv results.  With motivation, these proven workouts, and clean fuel for your body… you will succeed.
  • Money-back guarantee
    Both come with a money back guarantee (less any shipping and handling)

Unique features of T25 and P90X3

  • Equipment
    Focus T25 does not require any equipment.  P90X3 can be done with simply your body weight and gravity (like T25).  That being said, as you are watching the P90X3 workout videos, you’ll see folks using resistance bands, a few dumbells, a pullup bar, and a jumping mat.
  • Level of Resistance Training
    T25 does incorporate resistance training both with body weight and with resistance bands.  P90X3 does as well, plus X3 uses weight resistance with dumbells and pull ups.
  • Tony Horton and Shaun T
    While they are similar in that they are both awesome, they both have a unique style.

Choosing between Focus T25 and P90X3

The most important thing for you to understand is that the best workout is the one you do!

Pressing play is the key.  Whichever you choose, whether it’s P90X3 or T25, as long as you commit to the workout and good nutrition, you WILL SUCCEED.  So, do your research by reading this entire post, and then make a decision and go for it.  Do not allow yourself to go into analysis-paralysis and make NO decision at all.

Here are some tips for choosing your workout:

  • Who do you want to workout with?
    Think about Tony Horton and Shaun T as your workout buddies.  Who do you want to workout with for the next couple of months?  Realistically, if you are working out 3-6 times a week, you are spending a significant amount of time with your Trainer.  It’s a good idea to choose a trainer that motivates you to continue to press play!
  • A tip for tapping into your unconscious
    If you still aren’t sure which workout you want to try, here’s a cool technique for figuring out which one to choose.  Try flipping a coin– seriously!
    Assign one workout heads and one workout tails.  When the coin lands, you’ll likely feel either a flash of relief or a flash of disappointment.  Go with the one that gives you a flash of relief. And then once you’ve made your decision- don’t look back.  Go all in and go after those results that you are ready for!!!

If you have any questions, we are a person-to-person business, so feel free to email us

Ordering P90X3 or T25 for the best deal

Once you’ve decided on your workout, the next important step will be to order the workout.  If you really want results, the key is not to leave the scene of the decision without taking an action.

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