Phase 4 of the Ultimate Reset Cleanse

The 3 Week Diet

Beachbody's Ultimate Reset Cleanse SupplementsLet’s talk about the period of time right after the 21 day Ultimate Reset Cleanse.  First of all, a well deserved congratulations for reaching this milestone.

With 21-days under your belt, you have a choice of how you want to transition back.  Once you invest 21 days taking such good care of yourself, it makes sense that you’d want to make conscious choices about the way you transition from the cleanse protocol to every day routines.  The way we chose to manage the transition has been by continuing the Alkalinize and Optimize supplements.


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Why continue with supplements after the 21 day cleanse?

  • Beachbody's Ultimate Reset Cleanse SupplementsHaving a protocol supported us in consciously transitioning from the 21 day Ultimate Reset Cleanse to our everyday routine
  • Phase 4 has helped us lock in some of the new habits we picked up during the Ultimate Reset.
  • The supplements are a great way to keep our bodies in a healthy pH balance and help our digestion work at peak level
  •  The supplements are taken with water 30 mins before a meal, which keeps us in the routine of  drinking plenty of water  as well as planning and spacing our eating


Which Ultimate Reset Package includes the Maintenance Supplements?

We ordered the Ultimate Reset Deluxe.   When you order the Ultimate Reset Deluxe, the maintenance supplements are automatically sent to you.  For us, getting the package in the mail was the perfect catalyst for keeping the momentum going.


Beachbody's Ultimate Reset Cleanse Maintenance SupplementsThe maintenance kit will come on a monthly basis until you cancel it.  For us, we always opt for the HD (home direct) version of Beachbody’s products because  it is super convenient to have the package arrive without having to take the time to order it each month.  Plus, the HD orders come with free shipping, which is awesome.  And on top of the benefits of choosing the HD option, we like the piece of mind that comes from knowing it is easy to cancel the ongoing shipments with a simple call to customer service.  (We tested Beachbody’s cancelation process by canceling a few different orders just to be sure, and the cancelation process is simple.)


How long do we plan to take the maintenance supplements?

We are currently in our first month post-cleanse, so we have not made a final decision.  The answer will most likely be 2 months.  With 2 months of maintenance supplements, we will be positioning our bodies to lock in all the benefits of the 21-day cleanse, plus we will be solidifying new habits into our day-to-day lifestyle so they become part of our routine.


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What are we eating during phase 4 of the Ultimate Reset?

We are eating a combination of meals from each of the three weeks of the Ultimate Reset, plus consciously weaving old favorites back into our meal planning.  It is interesting that after 3 weeks, there are some foods that we used to eat that we are no longer drawn to, and there are others that we really enjoy.

The main advice for Phase 4 is to keep in the practice of making conscious food choices.   We try to stick with an 80/20 rules.  80% of the time, we choose foods that fuel the body well.  Having a guideline rather than a hard fast “must” gives us flexibility and keeps it fun.

The nice part about phase 4 is that it gives you some time to try out different routines to see what works best for you.   The goal in all of this is to Fuel the Body Well so you have the energy and vitality to do the things that you love.


Order your Ultimate Reset Maintenance Kit  by clicking here.


Wishing you abundant wellness!!


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