Shakeology: Meal replacement 101

If you have never tried a meal replacement shake, then it may not be love as first taste.  So, if you are not ready for the Shakeology shake, click here for the chick pea recipes I use for healthy snacks in a rush.  If you are ready to try a meal replacement shake, and want more information, read on.

As I poll various people, what I am finding is that those that have tried other meal replacement shakes are pleasantly surprised at how good the Shakeology shake tastes.  And even happier when they read the amazing list of ingredients and nutritional content.  If you are new to meal replacement shakes, keep in mind… it is a nutrient-dense drink, not a dessert.

For me personally, the Shakeology shake is an outstanding option for those times when I am too busy to stop what I am doing to make a healthy snack.  I find that if I don’t stay properly fueled, then by 3pm I am searching out the vending machine for peanut M&Ms.  Over the years I have experimented with various options.  And I am really happy about the way the Shakeology Shake staves off the 3pm cravings.

Fastest way to make Shakeology   I have found the fastest way to make the Shakeology Shake is mixing the shake with water and shaking it in my Blender Bottle.  The Blender Bottle is great because it comes with a little wire whisk that mixes the powder up for a smooth shake.  But even if you don’t have a shaker bottle, I have found the Shakeology Shake pretty straightforward to mix, even in a standard water bottle.

How to order
When you click here, you have a few options.

  • Bulk vs packet
    • Why bulk?   it comes with a 30-day supply
    • Why packet?  24-individually packaged servings makes it easy to grab it and take it in your bag on the run.
  • One time vs Home Direct
    • Why one time?  the one-time option doesn’t seem like the ideal option when there is a 30-day money back guarantee and you can cancel the Home Direct at any time, but it is nice to have choices.
    • Why Home Direct?  free shipping, hassle-free, shows up every month

For more information, here is an entire site full of Shakeology Information…


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