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Shakeology comes in Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry.

More about Shakeology, Getting Shakeology for the best price, and How to Order

We love the whole foods ingredients, the care and integrity that was taken to formulate Shakeology, the way the ingredients are sourced, and the amazing amount of nutrients in every serving of Shakeology.  In addition to the amazingness of the ingredients, another awesome thing about Shakeology is the convenience.


This Shakeology Shop page will walk you through your packaging, flavor, and shipment options for ordering Shakeology, and the price.

Shakeology packaging choices

When you order Shakeology, you’ll be given a choice between a 30-serving bag and a box of 24 packets.  This is a matter of preference and where you think you will be preparing your Shakeology Shake.

Shakeology Shake

The bag is great for people that leave it in one place, like their kitchen or in their office.  The packets are ideal for people that need a grab and go solution.


Choosing your Shakeology Flavor

First you’ll want to choose between Tropical Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla, Greenberry, or Vegan Chocolate.

If you choose Chocolate, then your next decision will be to choose Vegan Chocolate or Non-Vegan.  (The tropical strawberry Shakeology only comes in Vegan.)

Choosing between Chocolate Shakeology and Vegan Chocolate.

The protein source for the Chocolate Shakeology is whey protein, so if you are lactose intolerant, you’ll want to go with the Vegan Chocolate Shakeology.

If you are not lactose intolerant, and you are not vegan, then choosing which Chocolate is a matter of pallet preference.  The Chocolate is sweeter than the Vegan Chocolate.  So, if you are looking for sweeter, choose Chocolate.  If you are looking for a dark chocolate flavor that is a little less sweet, then go with Vegan Chocolate.

Both options are delicious!


That being said, now is a good time to remind you that this is a nutrient-dense meal, not a dessert.  While it is true that you can make it into a delicious shake  (my favorite recipe is to add vanilla almond milk, a banana, and ice), it is still a meal made from whole foods and not a highly processed sugar drink.   If you have been eating and drinking a lot of processed food, then the first time you try Shakeology, you may not understand why we love it so much.  If that happens, we would encourage you to cut back on the processed food and drink Shakeology for 20 days to see if your pallet adjusts.  When you order Shakeology from us, it comes with a 30-day bottom-of-the-bag money-back guarantee (less s&h).

If you try Shakeology for 30-days and don’t feel healthier, you can return it for your money back (less shipping and handling).  All the ordering and guarantee details are available in the shopping cart when you purchase your Shakeology.

Choosing the Shipment Method.

The next thing you’ll want to decide is the shipping method.  You can choose between one-time shipment and monthly auto-shipment.

The one time shipment is just what it sounds like.  You’ll order Shakeology and it will arrive one time.

The monthly auto-shipment option means your Shakeology will arrive each month without you having to re-order.  That’s what use, and we love the convenience.  Plus, when you order on monthly auto-ship, it comes with $2 shipping** (which is obviously less than it costs to ship a whole big bag of Shakeology, so it’s always fun to save a little $)

We tested what it was like to cancel the auto-ship.  And it was easy.   Once we cancelled, no future orders arrived and we were only billed for the Shakeology that we had already received.  Both methods of canceling were convenient, so we feel comfortable recommending the auto-ship as our preferred method of shipment.

How much does Shakeology Cost?

When you order from, you are getting the best deal for your Shakeology.  The reason we know that is because anyone that is authorized to sell Shakeology will be offering it at the same price.

So, how much does all this great stuff cost?  Here’s the breakdown:

  • Shakeology bulk- 30 servings = $129.95  ($4.33 per serving)
  • Shakeology packets- 24 servings= $129.95 ($5.41 per serving)

We hear differing responses about the prices.  Some people see the price, and paying $4/serving for all those amazing ingredients and bio-available nutrients seems like a bargain.  Others have to take a minute to absorb it, but usually once people put it in context for how much they pay for other food on the go (or even coffee), they realize what a great value Shakeology is.

Here’s a really fun to watch video that Tony Horton made about the cost of the ingredients of Shakeology.


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