Shaun T’s T25 Workout: The Full Review

Shaun T - T25 TrainerHave you seen the T25 infomercial?  Are you wondering what Focus T25 is like?  Wondering if those before and after results are really possible?  Wondering if Shaun T’s 25 minute workout will be too intense?  Wondering if it will be intense enough?  Wondering where you can purchase it for the best price?

Read on for the full review of Shaun T’s Focus T25.

T25 Review Overview

T25 Delivers.  Shaun T brings his signature positive motivation and high expectations to this 25 minute workout.   T25 is a power-packed workout.  How do they do it?  The intervals and sequences make efficient use of the time, which means you get the most from the time you have.   I used to have a swim coach that said, “don’t count the laps, make the laps count”, T25 reminds me of that saying.  You make every minute count!

T25 Review most Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get a great workout in 25 minutes?

Yes, these workouts deliver in 25 minutes.  But plan for 30 minutes of workout time by the time you get the DVD started, workout, and cool down.


Will it be too intense?

One of the features of the workout that I love is that Tania (remember Tania from the Insanity workout?) does a modifier throughout the workout.  The modifier stands alone as an excellent workout.

Plus, having the modifier in there makes it almost like a 2 for 1.  You can do a modified round of T25 to build up strength and protect your form, and then do the workout again following Shaun T.

Are those before and after pictures real?

As for the before and after pictures.  I do not know all the people on the informercial personally, but I do know a few of them, and what I’ll tell you is this.  Those pictures cannot always show you how people’s lives have improved in ways great a small.  Do they look great- yes, but how they feel adds so much to their lives, it is really amazing to witness the transformations!

Will it be intense enough?

The fitter you are, the harder you will be able to push yourself on this workout.  And since it is only 25 minutes, you can dig really deep.  Even for those looking for a super intense workout, you may want to leverage the modifier while you build your form so you can get the most from your 25 minutes of effort.

How can I get the best price for T25?

Shaun T's Focus T25You can get the best deal on T25 by clicking here.  How do you know that?  Because anyone that is authorized to sell Beachbody products will be offering them at the same price.  With prices being equal, we know what we offer is an awesome value.  We can offer support from a place of experience.  Plus, we can offer added bonus gifts– like the Core Speed workout DVD (a $19.95 value).

Because we are authorized to sell Beachbody products, every package comes with a money-back guarantee.  For all the details, check out our T25 product page.

How does T25 compare with Insanity,  Brazil Butt Lift, and the other Beachbody workouts?

Having done many of the Beachbody workouts, what I have concluded is that Beachbody really knows what they are doing!  Each workout stands alone as an awesome workout.

If you end up over time getting more than one, what you’ll notice is that the conditioning you do with one workout carries over to support your performance in the next workout.

If you are wondering specifically about T25 vs. Insanity – the key deciding-factor is time.  Insanity is more intense, but you can get that intensity out of T25 by pushing yourself really hard.

If you are trying to figure it out, just pick one and go for it.  The most important thing is you take an action to further your fitness goals.  Do something, you’ll be glad you did.

What workouts come with T25?

The T25 DVD kit comes with everything you need to do the T25 workout.   The workout program has an Alpha cycle and a Beta cycle.  It also comes with a B-lines resistance band.  Plus tools to support you like the quick-start guide, the workout calendars, and the Get it Done Nutrition Guide.

T25 Alpha Cycle

The alpha is the foundation round.  You follow the foundation round for 25 days of working out (which translates into 5 weeks because T25 is a 5 day/ week program if you follow the schedule)

The Alpha cycle includes Cardio, Speed 1.0, Total Body Circuit, Ab Intervals, Lower Focus, and the Stretch workout.  You can find a detailed review of the Alpha workouts below.

T25 Beta Cycle

The focus of the Beta Cycle is Core work.  Once you’ve got the foundation under your belt, Shaun T brings it up a notch.  Even if you just did Insanity, I’d still recommend starting with the Alpha Cycle.  Foundation does not mean “easy”, the Alpha cycle is still a tough and worthwhile workout.  You can make the 25 minutes work as hard for you as your fitness level allows.

The T25 Beta cycle includes Core Cardio, Speed 2.0, Rip’T Circuit, Dynamic Core, Upper Focus.

What equipment is needed for T25?

Another terrific benefit of the T25 workout, you don’t need equipment—it’s just you and Shaun T.   No equipment is a great thing for a number of reasons—probably #1 is it means no excuses.  25 minutes and Go!

Why do Shaun T and Tony Horton talk so much about Shakeology?

The reason they advocate for the Shakeology Shake is because it is nutrient-dense, which is what our bodies need to fuel up for a workout like T25.  Plus, it helps curb cravings.  The workouts alone are amazing.  But you need to incorporate good nutrition to get the best results.  Does that mean you need to drink Shakeology?  No.   Plus, T25 comes with the Get it Done Nutrition Guide.

Why spend the money on Shakeology then? 

Shakeology Shake

Chocolate Shakeology

It will probably help to know that the CEO of Beachbody, Carl Daikeler, does not like vegetables.  (seriously!)  He figured he was not the only one doing P90X (T25 did not exist at that time) that needed a tasty and easy way to get his nutrients to support his workout.  So he asked his wife (who has over 2 decades of experience working to design programs for stars and professional athletes) to help create a nutrient dense shake that would taste great.  So she and a team (including Darin Olien) got to work and developed a shake that is made with whole foods ingredients (no chemicals or food-like substances).   Shakeology tastes good, it’s good for you, and when you drink it- you can feel the difference.

If you are thinking about Shakeology, it’s worth trying.  It comes with a money back guarantee.  Plus, when you order it at the same time you order T25, you save on the bundle.  The bundle is called the T25 Challenge Pack.

T25 Review:  Details about the T25 Workouts

Here is a detailed review of the Alpha Cycle workouts

Why only the Alpha Cycle?  Because once you put 5 weeks into the Alpha, you are going to love it so much, you won’t be reading about the Beta, you’ll just be doing it!

T25 Cardio

The first workout in the Alpha cycle is Cardio.  It’s a progressive cardio workout that has you dripping sweat and leaves you knowing you worked out hard.

This is our first introduction to the modifier.  Tania is in all the videos demonstrating the modified workout throughout the 25 minutes.  The modifier is a great workout too!  You can finish your 25 minutes and know you got a solid workout in.

For the Insanity graduates, T25 Cardio has a couple of moves you’ll recognize:  Mountain Climbers and Switch Kicks.  And then a whole lot of new moves, including “The Burnout Round”.

Once you go through the moves and have the form clear, Shaun T takes it up a notch and has us go even harder during the Burnout Round.  Hello endorphins!

The cardio workout also incorporates slow movements, which are awesome because they require core strength versus relying on momentum.

The Cardio workout also gives a little nod to Aylum by pulling in a few of the speed and agility moves.

It’s a tough 25 minutes, but fun.  And it is so varied that you can hardly believe when he calls TIME on the workout.

Is there any downside to the Cardio workout?

The one thing I’ll caution is that there are some side to side jumps towards the end of the workout when you may be tired.  Form is always important, and something to be very aware of when you are doing lateral movements.    But Tania is there modifying, so there’s a solution!

T25 Speed 1.0

Speed 1.0 is a fast-paced workout that improves speed by focusing on stretching and stability.   I think they could rename this workout to Speed and Core since there are a lot of core strengthening moves in here, but perhaps Speed is the right name, I certainly have noticed that I get faster from one week to the next.

The workout includes moves like burpees, kicks, and punches.   It also incorporates stretches between the moves that manage to give you a stretch and work your core at the same time.

The only move I don’t totally love is the hop, hop, punch.  I am not sure why, but I just don’t love it.  That’s ok, there are 23 other awesome minutes in the workout!

T25 Ab Intervals

If you watched the video clip, you saw me—I was tired!  Shaun T has you working for every second of those 25 minutes during the ab interval workout.

What’s great about this ab workout is as you are recovering from a move (like plank), you are standing up and doing core-centric cardio moves.

T25 Lower Focus

Shaun T refers to this as the lower body burnout- and it is.  Lower focus is designed to strengthen and sculpt the muscles from the waist down.  Since it works some large muscles, be prepared to sweat!

There is one sequence, called the lunge/squat progression – oh my goodness you dig deep to get through that section of the workout.  What I love about the Lower Focus workout is that Shaun T steps us through the moves with such detail.  He teaches us how to line up the lines of our body so we get the most from the lunges and squats.

Total Body Circuit

There are no weights needed, but you sure get a workout.  The Total Body Circuit is a cardio-based strength workout.  You use your body and gravity, and you work hard!


Our bodies grow stronger in the periods of rest and recovery after they have been challenged.   After 5 days of T25, you have earned your rest.  T25 is a 5 day a week program, which ideally means you take one full day off and you use one of those ‘off days’ for stretching.   This stretch routine hits all the spots you’ve been working and it feels so great.

Other Tips for succeeding with your T25 workout

Tie your shoes really well

I know that sounds a little funny.  Of course we tie our shoes before working out!  The thing is, this is a fast moving workout and there isn’t really time to stop and re-tie your shoes.  Antonios recently taught me a new shoe knot; which at first I thought was completely unnecessary, and now I think is TOTALLY AWESOME (he was right).  I have not mastered the new knot yet, so here’s a link to a 3-minute Ted Talk that does a much better job demonstrating.

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