Superior Hypertrophy Leg Workout

Ultimate Guide to Leg Hypertrophy written by: farmernikki1 When most people are asked what their goal is with their workout regime there are mixed answers of size and strength. The thing is, strength is easy; If you lift consistently you’ll increase in strength without having to push yourself to extremes. Size can be much more difficult because of all the variables with gaining size in the legs being one of the most difficult goals to achieve.

The key to growing size in your legs is using the proper reps to weight variable and then pushing yourself past the limits you thought you were capable of. The first step in increasing in size is to figure out your one rep max, without that you’ll never be able to properly increase the weight you’re lifting for effective growth. To figure out your one rep max you’ll need a squat rack and a spotter.

Start with a warm up of ten to fifteen reps at a low weight. This will get the blood pumping and prepare the legs to work hard. After a one minute rest increase the weight by 20% and do six to eight squats. Continue with the pattern of increasing the weight 20% with lower reps and a one minute rest between sets until you can only manage three solid squats. At that point increase the weight by only 5-10% until you can only manage one full squat, that number is your one rep max; write it down and remember it, you’ll be increasing it on a regular basis if you stick with this plan for hypertrophy.


Now that you have your one rep max its time to start working on increasing you leg hypertrophy by following this plan. It’s important for best results to work the legs at least two times per week because it’s a large muscle group and can handle a heavy load you need to work them harder and more often than you would smaller muscle groups like the arms.


Jog for ten minutes. This will increase blood flow and allow the muscles of the legs to work more efficiently and grow at a faster rate. There’s a big misconception about cardio ruining gains. Trust me, cardio will only help your gains.


Squat rack

Set 1-65% RM (1 Rep Max) 15 reps
Set 2-75% RM 12 reps
Set 3-85% RM 8 reps
Set 4-90% RM 3-6 reps
Set 5-85% RM 8 reps
Set 6-75% RM 12 reps
Set 7-65% RM 15 reps

Walking Barbell Lunges


With a barbell loaded to 50% of your one rep max resting on your shoulders walk ten paces with each leg in one direction then turn and return to your initial location. Repeat this three time before moving on to your next exercise.

Leg curls and extensions

Most gyms are equipped with a leg curl/extension machine, each set consists of curls followed by extensions, repeat the same sets and percentages as your squats

Cool down

Jog for ten minutes. Just as with the warm up this will help increase blood flow which will help prevent soreness. After your cool down it is vital to stretch the legs so they are better able to heal after the workout which will help them increase in hypertrophy at a faster rate.

By following this simple plan you are sure to see rapid growth in your legs.


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