Ultimate Reset Cleanse Results

Congratulations to Craig R. on his success with the Ultimate Reset Cleanse.

Are those Results pictures Real?

Beachbody Ultimate Reset ResultsMy neighbor recently asked me if the before and after pictures they show in the Insanity infomericals are real.  And I always tell her they are real people, and that I even know a few of the people in those commercials personally.  Well, today, I am psyched to post this Ultimate Reset success story.  Every single story is amazing and wonderful!  I happen to like this one because Craig is local to our area, so I get to introduce my neighbor to him in person.

In addition to introducing my neighbor to Craig, I also wanted to post Craig’s story online for anyone that is not local because he didn’t start out as a fitness enthusiast, and yet, with a few changes to his lifestyle, he has made incredible shifts in his wellness.

Here’s Craig’s story about doing the Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset Cleanse and how it impacted his life…

When you start with 2 energy drinks for breakfast, follow it with a lunch of cheeseburgers, down 3 or 4 more energy drinks and a pizza for dinner, you know you’re out of control. But when you see your dad lying in a hospital bed, fighting for his life from a heart attack at 53, you know it’s time to get your diet together.

After years of pigging out and watching my wife (who is a Beachbody Coach) exercise, I gave in and started slowly—with Shakeology. I felt good. Had more energy than ever before. But still couldn’t give up the energy drinks. After a lot of pestering, I gave in and said I’d do the ULTIMATE RESET with my wife.

I won’t say it was easy, but I stuck with it. I completed the RESET in a 21-day period with struggles of major caffeine withdrawal and fatigue during the first week. By the end, I had lost 15 pounds and dropped 71 points off my cholesterol—and I was ready for more, so I decided to do Body Beast.

I jumped right in and completed two rounds back to back and brought my weight down to 136 pounds before I stepped onstage in the first ever Body Beast Classic show (The body building competition that completed 3 months of Body Beast.)! Imagine that. After all I had been through, I transformed my body into something that I didn’t mind showing off!

Pretty good for a guy who used to think that exercising was watching his wife work out.

Now my life is so much better. I lost most of my stomach, lowered all my levels in the right areas, raised the ones that needed to be raised. My wife and I are spending so much more time together because we work out together. She’s happy when she sees me pumping iron and sweating instead of flopping on the couch eating pizza and guzzling sodas.

And really, I have her to thank. When people ask, I tell them that if it wasn’t for Beachbody and my wife, I would most likely be dead from a heart attack at the age of 40!

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Beachbody Ultimate Reset Results

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