What if I have to travel during the Ultimate Reset Cleanse?

Tips for succeeding with the Ultimate Reset Cleanse while travelingFor those that travel for work, chances are at some point during the 21-day Ultimate Reset Cleanse, you’ll be on the road.  How can you take your cleanse protocol on the road?

Here are 5 tips for road warriors that are doing the Ultimate Reset Cleanse.

1)   Cook in advance

Ultimate Reset 21 day cleanse Day 3 Lunch. If you have to travel, make it ahead then pack it to go

Ultimate Reset Day 3 Lunch

Cook on Sundays, salad bar by Thursday

One way we approached the food preparation for the days Antonios was traveling for work was to cook ahead of time.   It would make for a long day of cooking on Sundays, so you may want to pull out that Rosetta Stone CD or personal development tape that you’ve always wanted to listen to so you can make great use of your time in the kitchen.

What we found was we were able to cook for about 3 days, but not more (by day 4, the pre-cooked meals were not as delicious).  So, if you are going to be on the road longer than 3 days, plan for some salad bar meals and some Shakeology meals.  You can check the online Participant Portal to see what meal is scheduled for the day and then pick foods that are as close to the scheduled meal as possible.

If you need to make a substitute, swap meals from within the same week.  (ie:  if you are in week 1, swap another week 1 meal).

2)   Nuts travel well

eating nuts for your snack if you travel during the 21-day Ultimate Reset CleansePack some nuts for a healthy snack.   A packed apple or celery can be a great snack for the 1st or 2nd day, but by day 3 and beyond, nuts are a great travel snack.  Just be mindful of the portion sizes (which you’ll find in your Ultimate Reset nutrition guide).

3)   Salad bar meals

Look up the food stores in the area that you’ll be traveling to ahead of time.  If you are working close to a Whole Foods Market, you should be able to piece together a great Reset-friendly meal from the salad bar.  Here’s a link to the Whole Foods store locator.  If there is not a Whole Foods or other natural food market in the nearby vicinity, what are your other options?  Plan ahead so you don’t find yourself coming out of back-to-back meetings so hungry you end up at the closest vending machine.  Happy cow is a vegetarian restaurant guide that can be a useful starting place for finding Reset-friendly places to eat while traveling for work, but once you find the name of a restaurant, look up it up and check out the menu before going.

4)   Drink Shakeology

Shakeology is a terrific option for a nutrient-dense meal on the go.  Even when Antonios and I are not doing the Ultimate Reset Cleanse, we travel with Shakeology.  It’s so power-packed and so convenient.

5)   No excuses

Here’s a little tough love coming from a former road warrior… “I was traveling” is a true statement, but it is still a story you tell yourself to let yourself off the hook.  I say this without judgment, I have heard those words come out of my mouth before too.

But if you want to be successful with your Ultimate Reset Cleanse, leave your excuses behind as you embark on your 21-day journey.  Yes, it will be challenging.  But it is do-able.  Just decide to do it, and then do it.

Wishing you so much luck as you take on the added challenge of travel during the Ultimate Reset Cleanse.  You are not alone on the journey!

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  1. Kari February 22, 2013 at

    It is pages like this on your site that are the reason I was able to get over the hurdle and commit to the Ultimate Reset. (I am currently on day 12!) The information you give addresses the real questions people have about doing a program like this. You give “real talk” about the time required to prepare food, the reality that the Detox and Alkalinize aren’t going to taste yummy, and you demystifying how the body will react when it releases toxins. Beachbody is fortunate to have a coach like you who is not “pushing product” but rather personally demonstrating its effectiveness. I can say this with 100% certainty: I would not have done the Ultimate Reset if I had not discovered your website.