Which Brazil Butt Lift workout is best when you’ve missed a workout?

So you missed 1 workout, 2 workouts, maybe even 3 of your Brazil Butt Lift workouts.  Now what?  First check in with yourself, are you still motivated to pass the pencil test and have that tight, lifted, perfectly round butt that Leandro has promised us?  If so, it’s time to get back into a workout routine.  So what is the right workout to do once you get out of routine?  The answer depends on how many days you missed and what is going on with you.

Below you’ll find detailed advice based on the number of workouts you missed.  

If you missed one Brazil Butt Lift workout

If you missed one Brazil Butt Lift workout, then go easy on yourself.  As long as you don’t allow it to become a habit, we all have one day here or there that we miss.

If you notice a pattern of missing workouts or if you skipped the workout on purpose because you were not motivated by that day’s scheduled routine, then read on.  But if this is a one-time occurrence, then just resume your routine.

Recommendation for moving forward

If you miss one Brazil Butt Lift workout, there are two ways to proceed, you can:

(1) skip that one workout entirely and keep to the original schedule you mapped out for yourself.


(2) go back to the workout you missed and adjust your booty make-over calendar by moving each workout forward one day.


If you missed two Brazil Butt Lift workouts

If you missed two scheduled Brazil Butt Lift workouts, you might want to start asking yourself some questions.  Be honest with yourself.   What’s going on?  Dig deep with your answer because the solution lies within the root cause.


Too busy?

If the root cause is that you got really busy with other things, then it is time to prioritize.  Sometimes we truly hit a crunch where other commitments take priority over a full workout.  And that is ok occasionally, but be cautious because unless it is an exceptional circumstance, you may inadvertently start creating a disadvantageous pattern for yourself.  One possible solution is to do a shorter workout because it is best not to stop completely.  Once you allow yourself to stop completely, you are making a subtle but very real statement to your own psyche that it is ok to de-prioritize your commitment to your own health and wellbeing.


Not seeing the results yet?

If the root cause is that you aren’t seeing the results, then the answer is to remind yourself that persistence and consistency are the keys to getting the results you are after.  The Brazil Butt Lift was designed by Leandro Carvalho, the man that helps the Victory Secret Models like Alessandra Ambrosio get their butts ready for the runway.  And we get to workout with Leandro in our own homes and have the convenience of doing it on our own schedules.   Just trust the process and follow the booty makeover calendar that they gave you when your Brazil Butt Lift arrived.


Don’t like one of the workouts?

If the root cause is that you don’t like one of the workouts, then you have two choices.  You can either trust the process and do it anyway.  Or find a substitute.  For example, if you aren’t in love with the Tummy Tuck workout, which is a 20 minute ab workout, then find another way to workout your abs for 20 minutes.  Maybe you have Tony Horton’s 10-minute trainer; if you do, do the ab workout.  Maybe you have Shaun T’s Insanity; that one also has an abdominal workout.

In your first month doing Brazil Butt Lift, my recommendation is to trust the process and push through.  Some of the workouts get more fun as your muscles begin to develop and your body adjusts to the routine.


Recommendation for moving forward

If you miss two workout, we recommend doing the original workout that you missed and readjusting your workout calendar.



If you missed three or more Brazil Butt Lift workouts

If you missed three or more Brazil Butt Lift workouts from the booty makeover calendar, the first thing you should do is relax.  Send yourself some loving messages.  Working out is a way of expressing love to ourselves, so if we missed three or more scheduled workouts, we have been sending our bodies mixed messages so take the time to really let your body know that you value it.

What's your Y?Before we dive into the solution for moving forward, it’s time to get grounded in our “why”.  Why did you start this workout in the first place?  What made you want to try it?  Do you still want that?  If so, it’s time to recommit.  It might even help if you write down your why.  When the why is big enough, the what becomes easier.


Recommendation for moving forward

On your first day back, do the Bum Bum workout.  Then from there you have two choices:

(1)  start over from the very beginning.  This is an exciting option because you’ll be starting from a foundation this time around, so you may notice that you’ll be able to do the workouts with more proficiency and ease the second time around


(2)  resume your workout where you left off and adjust your calendar accordingly.


Regardless of how you found yourself here, it is important to get yourself back in motion asap.  Don’t wait for the perfect moment, just do it.  A body in motion stays in motion so get yourself moving.

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