Which P90X3 workout should you do after being sick?

which P90X3 workout should you do after being sick?Hopefully you have managed to stay healthy and well this snowy winter. But if by chance, you were among the many that got sick, you may be wondering which workout to do now.

What part of the P90X3 schedule do you follow?

Here’s some food for thought in choosing how to proceed.

This is not medical advice, simply suggestions based on our experience and what we’ve seen work for other members www.trainingworkoutvideo.com  If you have concerns, consult with your healthcare provider.

How long were you sick?

1-2 days

If you were out of commission for a day or two, then check in with your body.  Are you feeling a little weak still?  If so, consider doing the Dynamix workout, and then resuming the schedule back where you started.

3-6 days

If you got hit a little harder, and you were off the top-of-your-game for more than 2 days, but less than a week,  you may want to consider doing the Dynamix workout, and then resuming at the end of the last full week that you completed.

I know that can feel a little frustrating to move your graduation date back.  However it may be helpful to remind yourself that this isn’t just about 90-days, it’s about overall wellness.  When we step back for a moment, we realize goal is not to press play, the goal is to have a powerful, fit, and well body at the end of the 90-days so keeping a solid foundation and staying injury-free is a great strategy for long-term success.

Over a week

Sorry to hear that.  Hope you are feeling better now!  If you were out for over a week, when you start working out again- do it at 50% exertion rate.  (Hopefully, you are normally giving these workouts your all!).

Start back the first day with Dynamix.  Then go back to the beginning of the last full week you completed and re-do the week.  On day one and two of the week, go at 50% exertion rate.  Day 3-4 up it and see how you feel. By day 5 try going back to 100% and see how you do.  When you’ve completed the week, check in with yourself to see how strong you are feeling.

Wishing you abundant wellness for the remainder of the season and beyond!!

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