Why Himalayan Salt in the Ultimate Reset Recipes?

If you have been researching the Ultimate Reset Cleanse, then you may have come across some recipes that say to use Himalayan Sea Salt to taste.

Wondering why Himalayan Sea Salt?  Is this foodtrend for show or for health?

To answer the question of why the Ultimate Reset menu recommends Himalayan Sea Salt, I’ll begin with the ingredient list for other salts

Table Salt

Example a for why Himalayan Salt in the Ultimate Reset Recipes?ingredients:  Salt, Calcium Silicate (an anticaking agent– which is food, and is also has industrial uses such as an ingredient in making cement), Detrose (sugar), Potassium Iodine

Sea Salt:

example B for Why Himalayan Salt in the Ultimate Reset Recipes?ingredients:  Salt, Calcium Silicate (see above), Dextrose (see above), Potassium Iodine, Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda)

Himalayan Sea Salt:

ingredients:  Salt

example c for Why Himalayan Sea Salt is used for the Ultimate Reset Cleanse recipes instead of table salt

Who knew you would need to read the label on your Salt?

I would have assumed that the ingredients in Salt were…. SALT.   As you can see, that’s not the case.

What the Ultimate Reset Cleanse does for us, is not only provide a program for cleansing our bodies for 21 days, we also learn important lessons that serve us well in our post-Reset eating. What can we learn from the recommendation for using Himalayan Sea Salt (also known as Pink Salt) in our Ultimate Reset recipes?

Answer:  CHECK THE INGREDIENTS for everything, even your salt.

Have more questions about the 21-day Ultimate Reset Cleanse?

Wishes for Abundant Wellness! 

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