10-Minute Trainer

What is the 10-Minute Trainer?

Tony Horton's 10-minute trainer

You may have heard of Tony Horton, he’s famous for saying “Give me 10 minutes, I’ll give you results”.  Tony is a world class fitness trainer and he was finding that many of his clients were saying the same thing, they just don’t have enough time to workout.  So Tony developed the 10-Minute Trainer.


Options for ordering the 10-Minute Trainer.

Best Deal for ordering the 10-Minute Trainer.

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Every package comes with a money-back guarantee from Beachbody.  All the details of the money back guarantee can be found in the shopping cart.  Ready to commit?  Choose one of these packages and click on the link to order.

What makes 10-Minute Trainer so fast and effective?

Tony developed a technique called Super Stacking, which essentially means multitasking for your muscles.  By using resistance bands along with this stacking technique, Tony makes sure not a second is wasted.

Can a person get fit in 10 minutes a day?

When we first saw this video about Ira (see below), we were amazed that someone could lose that much weight working out in just 10-minutes a day, so we had to try it for ourselves.   We recruited my Mom (what an awesome Mom!!) to workout with the 10-Minute trainer five days a week to see what kind of results she achieved.  We were amazed what can happen in just 10-minutes a day.  She went from not being able to do a plank to being able to hold a plank for a full minute in just a few weeks.

Here’s that video of Ira.  What an inspiration!

Think you don’t have time to workout?

Watch here for more information about Tony Horton’s  10-Minute Trainer

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