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P90X3 30-min P90X

Love the idea of P90X, but short on time?

P90X3™ continues the Muscle Confusion™ of P90X and the cutting-edge sports science training techniques of p90X2 and accelerates it into intense 30-minute workouts.

Short, targeted, and intense workouts designed to burn fat, build muscle, and get ripped.

Do you need to be a P90X Graduate to do P90X3?

You do not have to be a P90X graduate to do P90X3.  P90X3 was designed to be the Ultimate excuse-buster.

Not enough time excuse– it’s only 30 minutes

Not in shape enough excuse – P90X3 includes modifiers to support you on your fitness journey

Already in great shape excuse – the fitter you are, the harder you’ll be able to push yourself during your workout.

P90X3 is a 90-day extreme fitness program designed to get you ripped in just 30-minutes a day.

Why 30 minutes vs the Original P90X?

Sometimes when people know they are going to be working out for a full hour, they save some for the end.  What P90X3 does is pushes you to give it your for the duration of the workout.  And Tony brings his signature style to keep you engaged, moving, and focused.

P90X3 vs T25 : How do I decide between P90X3 and Focus T25?

Both T25 and P90X3 are accelerated workouts

Both T25 and P90X3 use functional fitness, sports science, body resistance, and band resistance to achieve maximum results in an accelerated workout time.

Both T25 and P90X3 are Beachbody workouts– and Beachbody continues to prove again and again that their workouts are designed to get results.

Both Tony Horton and Shaun T are motivating and both fuel you up with a healthy dose of positive messages that stick with you even after the workout is over.

Focus T25 does not require any equipment.  P90X3 can be done with simply your body weight and gravity (like T25).  That being said, as you are watching the P90X3 workout videos, you’ll see folks using resistance bands, a few dumbells, a pullup bar, and a jumping mat.

So, how to choose between Focus T25 and P90X3?

The most important thing for you to understand is that the best workout is the one you do!  Pressing play is the key.  Whichever you choose– P90X3 or T25, as long as you commit to the workout and good nutrition, you WILL SUCCEED.

How do you decide then?  Think about Tony Horton and Shaun T as your workout buddies.  Who do you want to workout with for the next couple of months?  Still on the fence– flip a coin.  Chances are, if you assign one workout heads and one workout tails– when the coin lands, you’ll likely feel either a flash of relief or a flash of disappointment (it’s a clever little technique for pulling your answer up from your unconscious).  Go with the one that gives you a flash of relief!!  And then once you’ve made your decision- don’t look back.  Go all in and go after those results that you are ready for!!!

Options for ordering P90X3.

There are 3 options for ordering the P90X3 workout.

P90X3 home workout

Best Deal for ordering P90X3

Ordering from ensures you get the best deal on Beachbody workouts, including P90X3.  The reason we know that is because anyone that is authorized to sell Beachbody products will be offering them at the same price.

Every package comes with a money-back guarantee.  Ready to commit?  Choose one of these packages and click on the link to order.


Option 1:   P90X3 Base Kit

What comes with the P90X3 DVD Package?

16 DVDs come with you P90X3 DVD Package16 extreme 30-minute workouts

  • Resistance Workouts
    Total Synergistics, The Challenge, Incinerator, Eccentric Upper, Eccentric Lower, and THE WARRIOR for when you need a one-size-fits-all workout that can be done anytime, anywhere.
  • Power Workouts
    Agility X, Triometrics, Decelerator (balance your ability to go up strong and come down safe)
  • Cardio Workouts
    CVX, MMX, Accelerator
  • Core, Flexibility, and Balance Workouts
    X3 Yoga, Pilates X, Isometrix, Dynamix

Plus, the tools to support your success including

The P90X3 Fitness Guide. Your step-by-step guide to getting the most out of Tony’s accelerated extreme fitness program; a Nutrition Guide with a simplified approach to healthy eating designed to get you ripped—and help you stay that way; the P90X3 Workout Calendar so you know which workout to do on which day; the “How to Accelerate” DVD, which give you an easy-to-follow P90X3 intro and shows you how to achieve your best results in the fastest time.

What does not come with the P90X3 DVD Package

P90X3 can be done with your Human Body and the Laws of Gravity.  That being said, as you are watching the workout videos, you’ll see folks using resistance bands, a few dumbells, a pullup bar, and a jumping mat.

If you’ve done other Beachbody workouts, you may already own some of those items.  If not, you may want to check out option 3 below-  the P90X3 Ultimate Package.  Or, if you want to do a DIY chin up bar, you can check out how we made one for $15.

Option 2:   P90X3 Deluxe Kit

  • With P90X3 Deluxe, you not only get ripped in 30 minutes a day-you can burn fat and build lean muscle even faster.
  • Includes 16 extreme 30-minute workouts, plus 3 additional Elite workouts and the Elite Block Calendar.
  • Fitness Guide, Nutrition Plan, Workout Calendar, “How to Accelerate” DVD, and 24/7 Online Support.
  • E&E Energy and Endurance Preworkout Formula (1-Month Supply).
  • 3 Pro-Grade Resistance Bands.

What will you get when you order P90X3?

  • You’ll get the P90X3  breakthrough, muscle-challenging workouts.
  • Plus, you’ll get a fitness guide that walks you through the information you’ll need to maximize your P90X3 results.
  • And since the key to success is the combination of the fitness plus nutrition, you’ll also receive a Nutrition Guide that will help you fuel up for success with P90X3 

This is the real deal so consult your physician before commencing the P90X3 extreme workouts.
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