P90X3 home workout: the full lineup of workouts

P90X3 comes with so many awesome workouts. Which workouts come when you order the P90X3 DVD set?

16 Workout DVDs just arrived with my P90X3 package.

17 workouts with the P90X3 DVD packageWow!!!!

Summary of the P90X3 workouts

Resistance, agility, core, yoga, pilates, mmx (mixed martial arts), and so much more.  I feel like a kid in a candy shop.  And yes, there is a very clear workout schedule so you know which workout to do on which day.  Actually, there are options so you can choose the right workout schedule based on your fitness goals.

Thinking about ordering P90X3?

If you are on this page because you are interested in ordering P90X3, then either keep on reading so you can learn more about the workout program you are about to purchase, or  check out the P90X3 page place your order. (When you click here it will take you to our P90X3 page that has all the information about how to order it for the best price, plus how to get free fitness coaching and support.)

Details of the P90X3 workouts

Here are the nitty gritty details.  Some of these workouts have funny names, so you’ll have to read the description to get a feel for what they are.

As you are reading through the list, keep in mind that each of these workouts were created by Tony Horton and a team of experts so they work in harmony with your body and eachother for safe, long term training.

Each workout includes an option for modified moves, so it’s sort of like getting 2 workouts P90X3- beginner, and P90X3- extreme since you can choose your workout level by choosing your modifications.

In addition to smart training (which will get you results!), these workouts will also support metabolism, mood-balancing (think about all those positive benefits of moving your body in healthy ways), and the obvious things like strength, lean muscle mass, stabilization, and more.  Tony Horton delivers!!!

If any of these terms seem intimidating or unfamiliar, just remember… once you have the DVD set, you’ll push play and follow along.   See then Do.  I love how easy Tony makes it.

Here’s the super-high-variety workout lineup:

First up is the:  Watch This First / How to Accelerate
Always great to have a clear place to start!  (but I am not including this one in the 17 workout dvds because it’s instructional, not a workout)

1.  Total Synergistics
A full body resistance workout

2.  The Challenge
If you are familiar with Tony Horton’s other workouts, you will not be surprised that he included a workout that includes lots of pushups and pullups.  (and if you haven’t worked out with one of Tony Horton’s workouts before– he loves pullups and pushups!) Antoinos got me a pull-up assist, and I must say, I have a whole new appreciation for pull-ups now.

3.  X3 Yoga — 30 minute yoga
It’s not a rest day though, be prepared to work as hard as you do with the other workouts

4.  CVX
Cardio, Tony Horton style

5. The Warrior
An equipment-free total body workout.

6. Isometrix
Isometrix is doing your workout as you balance so you are working your core and building static strength.  (remember, there are modifications while you build into this!)

7. Dynamix
This one is all about range of motion, flexibility, and stabaliztaion

8. Accelerator
This is a 2-speed workout that gets you working out in a way that increases both cardiovascular and muscular efficiency by engaging both the aerobic and anaerobic pathways.

9.  Pilates X
Core, core, core.

10. Incinerator
This one is a workout-to-failure where you know you’ve done the workout right if the last movement pushes you further than you thought you could go.

11. Triometrics
Plyometrics – X3 style

12.  MMX
A mixed martial arts routine that will burn fat and give you a great and healthy way to blow off steam

13  & 14.  Eccentric Upper and Eccentric Lower
Also known as “negatives”.  During this workout, you slow down for the eccentric (negative) half of each movement.

15. Decelerator
This one is all about the safe landing.  You go up strong, and come down safe.

16. Cold Start
This is a great workout for those days when you are sore, tired, or if it’s really cold.  This is a great to tool in the set!

That is a long list of workouts… you know you certainly will not be bored during the 90-days!!!


What’s not in the pack?

If you’ve done P90X or P90X2, then you’ll be looking for the Ab Ripper, I know I was–so I want to set your expectations correctly– there is no Ab Ripper in the DVD set.  The good news is that if you have done P90X or P90X2, then you already own an Ab Ripper X workout.  And if you haven’t, the P90X3 DVD kit has lots of core work, for sure.  And you’ll have toned abs if you follow the workout schedule and eat clean.  (and when you are a member of Team Empower, I’ll be here with you to help you with the nutrition!)

If you really, really, really want that Ab Ripper, you can order the P90X3 Ultimate Kit or you can order the P90X3 Bonus DVDs separately.

Order P90X3

30 minutes to do your best and forget the rest!

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